NOTW: Vintage Roses

This manicure is inspired by a design I saw on a blog which I cannot remember whose it was sorry :( I did my own take on it by adapting the 1950s manicure to fit this design which in my opinion looks rather vintage:

Here's how you can re-create it yourselves:

1. Prep nails with a base coat and apply two coats of a pink creme polish omitting the lunula and creating a half-moon manicure as shown in the picture on the right.  I used China Glaze Second-Hand Silk.

2. Let dry and with a white nail polish and a striper brush (you can also use a white striping polish for this step) paint three stripes vertically along all the nails on the pink background only and leave to dry.

3. Decide which nails you are going to have your design on. I chose the ring fingers and thumbs and with a large dotting tool, paint three dots with a mint coloured polish in a triangular fashion. I used e.l.f. Mint Cream for this step.

4.  Using the white nail polish again, draw semi-circles on the mint dots to give the impression of roses.

5. Apply a clear top coat and you're done!

3 comments on "NOTW: Vintage Roses"
  1. xi darba irrid nigi andek namel id dwiefer ax tamilom wisqq sbieh!!

  2. hehe tnx Mar :) xx

  3. I always forget to try out leaving it bare, I seem to do half moons with a colour under more. Looks good!