Review: Born Pretty Store 12 pot empty container set

Hello loves :) I hope each and everyone of you is doing fine :) Here's a quick review about this empty container set that I purchased from

I was looking for some empty containers to store my bouillon steel beads because as you will see in the photos that follow, the containers they came into were simply impractical.  So I logged onto their website and decided to get these which also came with a clear plastic box to keep the pots all together.  I placed my order for which I used my Born Pretty Points and practically, I got the containers for free! (you can accumulate points by creating an account and submitting pictures and reviews of products you have bought from the site). The retail price is also quite affordable and it decreases per item if you purchase more than one in a single transaction.  Born Pretty Store also offer free shipping worldwide.  Since they are based in China, orders may take long to arrive but with this order, it arrived within less than 15 days so I was quite impressed.  The containers came in a plastic sleeve, all wrapped in a padded envelope to protect them against rough handling.

Here are a couple of pictures to show you in detail how the pots present themselves:

As you can see, they are made of a clear, sturdy plastic material which makes up for easy viewing of what's inside each pot.  They are suitable for a vast range of nail art supplies and decorations such as rhinestones, beads and dried flowers amongst others.  They are also suitable to store craft materials as well.

The lids close tightly so there is no risk of losing rhinestones and the clear box in which they come helps keep everything organized in one place and it also serves as a space-saver!

Here's how I transformed the way my steel beads were originally stored:

Much more organized huh?  The only thing is that if these sets came in sets of 16 instead of 12, I think it would have been better for me.  I could always have gotten another set but since I only needed like 2 or 3 pots more (that's why there are some mixed colours in the photo above), it wasn't really feasible.

However, I am really happy that none of the pots nor the box itself were broken and now my beads are nicely stored away in pots which are more practical for me to pick out the beads from!  Should you wish to get a set yourself, make sure you use the code below for a 10% off your order ;)

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