Review: Born Pretty Store Dried Flowers

I have been wanting to try dried flowers on nails for ages so when Born Pretty Store offered me to try any of their products, I jumped at the chance to try out their dried flowers.

You get 12 different flowers (which they randomly select themselves) for $7.08 and free shipping which I think is a reasonable price.  The flowers come in individual plastic pots neatly wrapped in packs of 6 in a re-sealable plastic bag as shown in the picture.  Moreover, you can use the containers to put other nail supplies in them such as rhinestones when you are done with the flowers.

Some flowers may look too big to use but you can always cut them with a pair of manicure scissors to fit your nails which is exactly what I did in the pedicure photos that follow.

First, let's look at all the flowers I got:

You get a small amount of each type so may want to consider buying them in bulk especially if you are a nail technician or you plan to use multiple flowers to create a nail art design in the same manicure. Usually, you get 2 of each of the branched flowers (the tiny ones) and 5 pieces of each of the individual ones. I do like the selection though as it contained a nice balance of the smaller and multiple branched flowers and the individual, bigger ones, all in different colours.  Here are some more detailed pictures to give you an idea of the size of the flowers.  You can also tell from these pictures that the flowers are real ones.

I used the small blue ones in a pedicure last week and this is what they looked like:

To use these dried flowers, all you have to do is apply the base colour of your choice and leave to dry as usual, then apply some clear polish where you want to put your flower, and lay the flower down on the nail gently.  I like to use a pair of nail art tweezers for this.  To make the flower flat on the nail, simply press the petals down gently with a dotting so they won't stick out.  Finally, apply some top-coat to seal them in for longer.

I found the smaller flowers really fragile so be careful when handling them and always try and get them by the stem instead of the petals to avoid them falling off.  However, with some clear top coat, they stayed in place for a whole week and they are still there!  If you use them with gel, they will last much longer since gel is a thicker medium so they should last until the next refill.  Also, I haven't had any problems with the top coat not reacting well with the flowers and ruining them.

I think this is all I have to say about these dried flowers and if you want to get some for yourself, just click here and remember to use the code below for 10% off your order!

EDIT: I have removed the flowers on the 21st of August and I can now say that they are very easy to remove; you just need to rub in some more polish remover and they're gone! 

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  1. I have been wanting to try dried flowers. It looks pretty! ♥

  2. Try them out and see for yourselves ladies! I wore a pair of closed wedges today for work and the flowers didn't budge at all!!!

  3. many blessings!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!