Review: Born Pretty Store Hello Kitty Nail Stickers

I have been meaning to do this review for ages now and since I have some free time to myself after a very hectic and busy day at work, I have compiled a list of products I have not yet reviewed and since these have been in my possession for quite some time, I decided to review them finally!

I got the stickers for free with a facebook promotion that Born Pretty Store were running on their facebook page.  Born Pretty sell all kinds of nail art supplies as well as some make-up and hair products and other lifestyle gadgets.

On to the actual review now! I got the stickers around 2 weeks after ordering them and Mum opened them while I was doing a client's nails and since my client loves Hello Kitty, we decided to put them to good use there and then!

The first thing I noticed about them is the cute pink packaging they come in as well as how easy they come off their protective backing.  They are really easy to adhere to the nails and you get 4 different Hello Kitty motifs for a total of 54 stickers.

The stickers are small enough to fit the nails are therefore also suitable for use by little girls.  They are all glittery and feel 3D but not so much that they will bother you.  The stickers stick on easily and they lasted for 4 whole weeks on my client's nails.  I'll leave you to the pictures now:

What do you think? Have you ever tried stickers from Born Pretty Store?  You can now get them at 10% off by using the code EBABK31 at checkout!

4 comments on "Review: Born Pretty Store Hello Kitty Nail Stickers"
  1. These are so cute :) my mum loves to buy nail art supplies from born pretty store, next time she does she will surely use this code!

  2. hello, love, good, congratulations.
    Greetings from Peru

  3. Thank you girls :) and Daniela, that would be great! and if the code is used more than 20 times till December this year, BPS are willing to sponsor a giveaway on this blog as well!

  4. I love these kind of posts :D If I may ask, where do you buy your essence products? Because I'm interested now, and I don't really ever buy make up from Malta.. so I don't really look for it, but I would love to try some out if I know where to get them from :D