Review: Born Pretty Store Nail Foils

Here's another review on a product from! I got these nail foils for free on a facebook promotion the company was running last month.  I was intrigued by nail foils ever since I saw them popping up on various nail/beauty blogs so I figured this was a good opportunity to try them!  The designs were sent out randomly but I happened to like the one I got :)  However, when you want to order these from the site (there are 106 different patterns!), just specify the corresponding number at checkout!

Let's look at the packaging first:

The nail foils are supplied in a carton pouch on the back of which are the instructions on how to use them.  The nail foils themselves are stuck on a piece of clear protective backing and put in a plastic pouch.  As you can see, you get 16 pieces.

Now I am still green at applying nail foils and although these can be stretched to fit your nails perfectly, I still managed to have some creases on some nails which caused the foils to lift off easily after a few days of wear. Now these are supposed to last for 11 days but due to the wrong application on my side I took them off after 3 days.  The glue was still very much adhered to the nails so I think they really do last when correctly applied. In fact, on the nails on which there weren't any creases, the foils didn't come off.  Since my nails are quite narrow and when I tried the foils they were shorter, I managed to leave enough foils for another use so I will give them another go and update you on how long they actually last. 

Finally, here's a little tutorial on how to apply these nail foils:

1. Select the appropriate sized nail foils for each of your nails and trim to fit. 

2. Prep the nails by either buffing them gently with a white block buffer or use nail polish remover to remove the oils. I prefer the latter technique.

3. Push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher.

4. Remove the backing from the nail foil and apply to the nail with the rounded edge facing the cuticle.  Stretch and position until you cover the entire nail.  Smooth the foil down with the spoon end of a cuticle pusher.

5. Trim any excess foil with a white block buffer and if you desire, apply a top-coat but it is not necessary.

Should you wish to purchase these nail foils from, remember to use the following code for 10% off you order!

3 comments on "Review: Born Pretty Store Nail Foils"
  1. I recieved mine yesterday but really dont like the design of the ones I got. Think I will donate them to my sister. Good to know they do work though!

  2. :( a little tip for when she removes them: if she has left over sticky residues, all she has to do is remove it with a little nail polish remover :)

  3. Not in love with the design, but I like the idea :D thanks for sharing ^^