Review: The Face Shop Nose Clay Peel-Off Mask

While changing up my skin care products, I came across a review from Enigma about this black head remover and she included a link to the ebay seller she bought it from.

I thought it was worth a try even though I don't get a lot of black heads and blocked pores, I still get a few sometimes and this sounded like a great alternative to popping them myself/using nose strips which never did anything.  On to ebay I logged and got myself a tube for €4.14 for 50ml of product which is quite a good deal.

I got my package a week later and there were no leakages whatsoever and the product was shrink-wrapped and packed in bubble wrap.  The tube itself, to me, conveys an image of a spa... all clean and white and with a blackberry pictured on it.  The cap is a twist-off type and the nozzle also had a silver seal (pretty much like the ones on toothpastes).  On the back are ingredients and instructions but since they are in Korean, I couldn't understand a thing.

I use this product after I clean my face as per my everyday routine and apply it before the toner while my nose is still wet.  I recommend using a generous yet not thick a layer of product for it to be peeled off easily later on and I usually leave it for around ten minutes.  The texture is very mud like and the colour of the product is in fact a muddy soft of white but it dries quite fast.  I really like the fruity smell (blackberry) of this product as well.  It's not a strong smell but it is delightful. To peel off, you just have to pull it off gently.  For me, it never came off as one whole piece but it is easily removed and if there are some left over bits, you can rinse them off with some water.

Now for the results.  To be honest, I wasn't expecting this product to really deep clean my blocked pores the way it did! It gives instant results and the skin on and around my nose feels smooth and deeply cleaned.  Once a week, is enough for me to give my nose a deep clean.

The rest of my family have also tried this product after all my ranting and they all agreed that this mask does a really good job at cleaning out blocked pores and black heads.  Most importantly, it didn't break me out or cause my skin to react adversely.

Once finished, I will definitely get a back-up of this mask as the pricing is awesome and it does a very good job! Have you ever tried this mask or any other product from The Face Shop?

6 comments on "Review: The Face Shop Nose Clay Peel-Off Mask"
  1. Can you link me the eBay seller pleaassee??? Sounds great!

  2. So glad you liked it, so much better than those strips you can get. As you say the price is fantastic too :D

  3. this product sounds great! Yes, please do link us the ebay seller :) I really would like to try it out as I have quite a few blackheads on my nose and nothing seems to do the job :(

  4. Sure loves :) here's the link:

    xxx :)

  5. Sounds like a real wonder product and soo affordable :) xx

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  6. Thanks Lara :) I'll check it out now!