Review: La Roche Posay Effaclar M Sebo-Regulating Mattifying Moisturizer

Hello my lovelies :) Here's a review on this ace moisturizer that I have been using as part of my new skin care routine.  In my on-going battle against excess oil production courtesy of my T-zone, I have tried a vast array of products and tips to try and control the amount of oil my skin produces and most of these were in vain as I would still shine in the wrong way by mid-day.  However, thanks to this moisturizer, I can kiss blotting papers and translucent mattifying powders goodbye! Yes, that's how good this moisturizer is! Read on to find out more about it! 

With regards packaging, it is the standard La Roche Posay packaging with everything conveying an image of cleanliness with the white bottles and all.  Moreover, the product comes in a box that bears the information as the bottle (directions and company info) as well as a list of ingredients amongst which are Zinc Pidolate (neutralizes shine at source) and Vitamins CG and E (to prevent sebum oxidation).  There is also a leaflet which explains the whole range of Effaclar products as to which product is the best one to treat the different problems experienced by people with oily skin.  The bottle itself has a pull-off cap and comes with a pump which is not only much more sanitary, it also allows control as to how much product you pump out (for me, it is three short presses if you know what I mean).  You get 40ml of product which I think is enough for me considering how little I need so I think this will last me a long time.

Texture-wise, this moisturizer feels velvety smooth and doesn't feel greasy at all! In fact, it is oil-free and is enriched with absorbing microspheres for a long-lasting matte finish.  This product is non-comedogenic.  It is also marketed as an excellent make-up base and I can confirm this! I used this moisturizer for the very first time last June for a morning wedding in the hot, humid Maltese summer and I was really impressed with the make-up lasting well over 12 hours and my skin wasn't oily at all! So this moisturizer really lives up to its name!  Furthermore, it makes use of Sebum Targeting Technology (TM) to target sebum-clogged pores and clear them.

It hasn't broke me out or anything but I cannot say that I have seen any difference in the pores being more tight as I don't have visible pores so I cannot really comment on that.  However, my skin has been behaving much better in this humid weather we have here which makes oil production worse and I'm really pleased with the results delivered by this little product.  I don't have to worry anymore about my skin looking and feeling greasy and my make-up melting away anymore!

I paid €11.89 for this product which may be a bit pricey for some and nothing at all for others but since it does its job well done I'm happy to pay for it! In fact, I have already bought a back-up cos I wouldn't want to imagine myself going through without it! Note to La Roche Posay: do not ever ever discontinue it! :P

Have you ever tried this moisturizer cupcakes? Did it make a difference to your skin like it has done to mine?


La Roche Posay have now changed the packaging of this moisturizer and it is now marketed as Effaclar MAT. Luckily they didn't change the formula though!
Left: old packaging; right: new packaging

2 comments on "Review: La Roche Posay Effaclar M Sebo-Regulating Mattifying Moisturizer"
  1. Anonymous7/6/12 20:25

    I too absolutely adore this moisturizer, but it looks like La Roche-Posay has discontinued it as I cannot find it on their website anymore!! This is highly distressing to me, so I am dashing over to the CVS where I recently saw it to buy out their remaining stock.

    1. Hi roo :) I think it's because they have just released a new one called Effaclar Mat which is a moisturizer that is also excellent as a make-up primer. I have just finished my second bottle of Effaclar M and I will buy the Effaclar Mat and review it in due time :)