Review: La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel for Oily Sensitive Skin

Finally, this post sees the start to my reviews on the new skin care products I have been using this last month or so.  First up is the cleanser which is designed for oily sensitive skin (my skin-type spot on!) and is soap free.  Moreover, it has been tested on acne/imperfection prone skin and it is also paraben free which is always great. 

The reason why I opted for La Roche Posay skin care is because they are closer to my budget first and foremost and because I already use other products from their different ranges so I know they won't cause any nasty allergic reactions to my sensitive skin and I'm glad to say I wasn't wrong! So let's see what the cleanser looks like and how well it performs it's job ;)

It comes in this white opaque tube which is pretty plain and typical of La Roche Posay and contains 200ml of a rather watery, transparent gel.  Basically, all you have to do is pour a little gel in the palm of your hand, wet the other hand and lather the gel up before massaging gently over your face and then rinse it off thoroughly.  

Since the product is a foaming gel, it dries my skin a little as it aims to remove excess sebum and impurities so you will get that taut skin feeling after rinsing this off.  However, after using some toner and moisturizer my skin's softness is restored.  Ever since I started using this cleaner, I noticed that my skin has cleared up and I only get occasional spots which are still not as big and as red as they used to be so this has definitely earned a place for this cleanser in my skin-care routine at least while my skin type stays the same (I have already bought a back-up of it in fact!).

This cleanser cost me €9.91 for 200ml.

Have you ever tried La Roche Posay skin care ladies? What do you think of them?

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