Review: OrigiNails Bubble White 5 Minute Effervescent Nail Cleaner

Hello my lovelies :) Today's review is about this effervescent nail cleaner called Bubble White.  I have never seen reviews about it on blogs I follow but I came across it on a facebook group of which I am a member and I decided to give it a go.  So I looked it up on ebay and ordered a sachet which came in the mail about a week later.  I was expecting some more product as I paid €6.20 (the cheapest I could find) for it and the sachet only contains 11g of product so definitely I will not repurchase, at least from ebay.

However, here is my experience with the product itself.  The product, which is basically a white powder, is supplied in this paper sachet which looks pretty basic.  The powder smells very much like those effervescent tablets with which you can clean dentures and the instructions at the back say that you have to empty the contents of the package into 1/3 cup of warm water and soak your bare nails in the solution for 5 minutes (the product will stop effervescing but they claim it continues to work even after the bubbling stops).  I wasn't really sure that for €6.20 I would want to use up the product immediately at one go so I added some product to less water in order to make it last longer and get some more uses out of it.

My main concern to try out this product was the fact that it claims to whiten nails and as my nails are most of the time wearing polish, they do get yellowish at some point.  My traditional remedies are to go without polish for a week two (the cheapest way lol) or else apply a home-made scrub de-stainer which consists of olive oil (to strengthen the nails), some white vinegar and lemon juice (to whiten the nails) and some sugar (to exfoliate the skin); but I still wanted to see how this product performed.  Here's a picture of my nails as soon as I took off the nail polish.  You can see the tips are somewhat yellowy.  And here's a picture after I used this product for the first time:

I wasn't overly satisfied with the results but my nails still look whiter and my hands feel incredibly soft after this treatment. However, I can achieve the same result with my home-made treatment, thereby I won't repurchase this again.  Have you ever tried Bubble White ladies? How do you feel about it?

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  1. Iv never tryed it =] And i never have too, my nails always break before they get that long =P
    Seems really epensive for something so little tho xx