Review: Roberts Rose Water

Hello cherubs :) Today I will be reviewing another new product I have added in my skin care routine... Roberts Rose Water.  I had used this rose water in the past and reading about rose water in general in other blogs reminded me of how refreshing it smells and feels on the skin so while I was changing my skin care products I reverted to rose water as my toner and I'm glad to find out it hasn't changed! 

Packaging-wise, there's nothing special but I do like the transparent bottle which enables me to see how much product I've got left out of the original 300ml.

Roberts Rose Water is composed from the essence of three different types of roses and is ideal to use as a toner as it refreshes the skin after cleansing.  Furthermore, being a delicately formulated product, it prevents reddening of the skin and is suitable enough to use in the eye area to remove any signs of tiredness.  The product itself is a transparent liquid that smells of roses(!).  The scent can be overpowering for some people but it fades away after a minutes and it hasn't caused any allergies to my sensitive skin.  It is important to close the cap tightly after use to preserve the fragrance.

I use this product after I cleanse my face and before applying a scrub or a face masque so that my skin is better suited to reap the most benefits out of these treatments.  The best way to apply it, as with most toners is to pour some over a cotton disc and sweep it all over your face and neck area.

I have been using this rose water for the past month or so and it hasn't broke me out since. Moreover, my skin feels really fresh and elastic after each use so I would definitely recommend this!

I bought mine at a local super-market around the €5 mark so it is very affordable!

1 comment on "Review: Roberts Rose Water"
  1. Just bought a bottle of Roberts Rose Water and I'm excited to add it to my daily skin care routine.
    My skin can't normally handle any skin toners, but after trying this rose water tonight it feels good and fresh ~ I'm sure it won't create any dryness.
    Not a fan of rose scent, but like written in the review above the smell disappears in a few minutes. But it's a nice natural smell, so not disturbing at all.
    I live in Italy, so bought the product locally from a super market for €2.95 ~ good price!