Some Fantastic News!

Good morning ladies! I woke up to an email from Kevin of saying that he created a code for my readers to get 10% off the ENTIRE WEBSITE! How great is that? I mean you are already saving on shipping expenses as they ship free world-wide and now you get an extra 10% off! Simply enter the code EBABK31 at checkout!

That's not all! He also offered to sponsor a giveaway on this blog if the code is used more than 20 times till the 31st of December 2011! They have so many great products at really affordable prices, you simply cannot miss this offer! And in return, you may even win something as well!

Here are a few examples of products from their website (click the pictures to go directly to the products on the site):



Go ahead and place your order now! Don't forget to use the code for 10% off!

3 comments on "Some Fantastic News!"
  1. Wow this is such a great offers and the items look so cute! I'm off to take a look :)

  2. I'm ordering from them Monday (payday!) so i'll be sure to use your code :)

  3. That would be fantastic Amber!