Toe Nail Art of the Week: Colour-Blocking with Dried Flowers

Hey dolls :) This week, I will be showing you the nail art I wore on my toe nails instead of nail art of my finger nails as the latter are having a break from polish.  I decided to use the dried flowers sent to me by Born Pretty Store as they really add a nice touch to the nails and I can test how long they last so I can give you a full review about them.  I think the design resembles a garden trellis :) Here's what my toes look like:

...and here's the tutorial!

1. As with finger nails, apply a base coat and let dry.

2. Proceed by applying two coats of a colour of your choice and allow enough drying time in between coats.  I used China Glaze Lemon Fizz.

3. With a striper brush and a contrasting nail polish colour, paint a grid on your big toe nail. Start by painting the vertical ones: first, paint a stripe down the middle of your nail, then do one on each side.  Let them dry thoroughly before proceeding with the horizontal ones.  Here I used China Glaze Second-Hand Silk. 

4. Apply some clear polish where you want to adhere your flowers and affix them as you like.  I used some small blue ones to further bring out a contrast.

5. Apply a layer of top coat on all of the nails and you're done!

4 comments on "Toe Nail Art of the Week: Colour-Blocking with Dried Flowers"
  1. I have Lemon Fizz on my toe nails too! :D The dried flowers look so pretty, I should try them!

  2. :) certainly do! I have a review on them coming up next week if you want to wait for that ;) xx

  3. Ooh, cute design! ^^ and the colour scheme too :)

  4. Thank you Michelle :)