Wedding Nail Art Ideas

A few weeks ago I was asked by Enigma for inspiration on wedding nails after I did a gel manicure for a friend of mine who had a family wedding.  I was recompiling my nail art portfolio last week so now it is easier for me to show you pictures of different designs.  You can always adapt the designs to suit the length of your nails.  Generally, I think that wedding nails should be kept simple and elegant be it for the bride and the guests as well.  

Although it is important to do an extra effort on your wedding day to make sure you are all dolled up, the nails are a small area of the body and therefore, they shouldn't take centre stage and overcome the dress and the make-up.  In fact, some brides prefer a simple nude manicure.  However, here are some ideas and tips for wedding nail art for those who so desire!

For the bride, I personally like to keep the colour palette limited, say a french manicure with a pearly finish (pearl white, pearl gold, pearl pink & pearl lilac are all great choices) and then you can embellish the nails with a pretty delicate design to match your bouquet or bride's maids dresses for example.  For the more traditional brides, you can opt for a classic french manicure with the typical white tip or an ever chic red manicure.  Obviously, you also have to take in consideration the time of day the wedding will take place.  As a general rule, choose lighter colours for day weddings and deeper shades for evening weddings.  This is especially important if you are going for the red manicure.

Anyways, onto the pictures so you can see some designs and maybe get inspired! I have also included some nail art that can be done for wedding guests, mothers of the bride & groom and bride's maids.  I also included different shades of red nail polish.

Delicate Bridal Designs

More Elaborate Bridal Designs/Mother of the Bride & Mother of the Groom

Different Shades of Red Nail Polish

Nail Art Ideas for other guests

I hope this post helped not only Enigma but others who wanted some inspiration for wedding nail art and others who just wanted to get creative!  Should you want a tutorial on any particular design, just ask!

4 comments on "Wedding Nail Art Ideas"
  1. Wow thank you so much for doing this! Sorry I am so rubbish at replying to comments on here, its a bit fiddily.

    I agree with you that most brides would opt for a french, or one with the acrylic flower. I'm not really one for tradition myself, I have been inspired to try some of them out see if I can do them with my left hand. I like Elegant, filigree, sideways flower, hollow flower petals and silver leaves :) got to choose which! I am also having two receptions so I guess that its only three I have to break it down too.

    Really like antique garden too :) I made my own 'portfolio' how you suggested and its really good because you can see what you have done and stores them all nicely.

  2. Glad you found something you like out if this post :) If you're having two receptions, you can have different manis then ;)

    Good to know you tried your hand at the portfolio :) xx

    Oh and just in case you didn't get the fb message, I posted your prize today :)

  3. The retro dots and bows are adorable :) What is the background colour on the filigree flowers design?

  4. @GretalRabbit: it's e.l.f. cosmetic's Purple Pleaser :)