NOTW: Cherry Smash

Good morning ladies, I have crackle manicure for you today! I decided to name this manicure after the red crackle polish I used and it's name also inspired me to do some cherries.  Of course I kept the cherries to my ring fingers because of work and this is how it turned out:

Here's how you can do this mani yourselves:

1. Start with a base coat and apply a coat or two of a nude pink polish.  I used essie Vanity Fairest.

2. When dry, paint on a v-french tip with a black nail polish (see pic on right) and allow to dry fully before proceeding.  Here I used essie Licorice.

3. Follow the same pattern of the tip and apply a red crackle polish over the black tips. I used Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Cherry Smash.

4. To create the cherries, simply adhere two red rhinestones in a diagonal fashion on the ring fingers with some clear polish.

5. Use a green striper polish to create the stems and a small leaf.  Finish off with a darker green for the main vein of the leaf.

6. Top coat and you're done!

Do you like this mani ladies? I quite like it, I just wish the red crackle turned out to be more bright but otherwise, I am very pleased with it :)

Speaking of crackle polish, my neighbour's daughter came over one day when I was wearing this manicure and she asked me to re-create the same look on her nails.  Since her nails are teeny tiny and I don't like anything black on children, I paired China Glaze Crackleglaze in Broken Hearted with e.l.f.'s Teal Blue as a base colour.  I then added two pink rhinestones on each of her thumbnails and this is the end result (excuse the messy nail walls):

5 comments on "NOTW: Cherry Smash"
  1. This look is really cute, I especially like the lil cherries, so sweet! xx
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  2. The cherries are so cute!

  3. Do you use guides for the tips? I really like the cherries but I am disappointed with the red crackle I have too.

    It must be difficult to paint nails that tiny! :)

  4. Actually I free-hand the tips Enigma :) and yes it is quite difficult to paint such tiny nails! xx