NOTW: Marbling up for Fall

Good morning sweety pies :) Today I have for you a water marble nail art design! Yes that's right! I finally managed to find the best nail polishes for water marbling and by now you should have probably guessed that they are none other than my beloved China Glaze polishes!  I recently got Westside Warrior and Trendsetter from the 2011 Fall Metro Collection and I wanted to wear them both straight away so what better way to pair them up than attempt a water marble manicure?  I also paired them with Lemon Fizz from the Up & Away Collection and I actually like the muted yellow tone it turned out to be.  Here are some photos of the manicure and a step-by-step water marble tutorial along with some helpful tips.  

1. Prep nails with a clear base coat and when dry, follow with two coats of a complimenting polish.  I used Golden Rose Prestige no.71. 

2. When fully dry, put some scotch tape around the nail walls and cuticles of the nails you are going to be working on.

3.  For water marbling, you have to be somewhat quick to get the best possible results so make sure you have the following tools and equipment ready before you:
- needle
- small bowl filled with room temperature water (bottled water is the best for water marbling)
- open polishes
- tissue paper
- cotton buds/cocktail stick
- old magazine/newspaper as a surface to work on

4. Lay out the tools on the newspaper and start dropping the nail polish colours one after the onto the water allowing each drop to disperse.  Alternate the colours and repeat for three times or so.

5. With a needle, quickly make some patterns by merging the colours together in different patterns according to your preference. 

6. When satisfied, dip your finger nail gently into your preferred part of the design, wait for a few seconds and pick up the surrounding colours with the cotton bud/cocktail stick.

7. Lift your nail off the water and after a couple of minutes, remove the scotch tape.

8. Repeat for each nail making sure to scoop any extra colour off the surface of the water with a tissue and when finished, top coat your nails to preserve the manicure for longer!

My favourite is my right thumbnail... which is yours? Have you ever tried water marbling?

8 comments on "NOTW: Marbling up for Fall"
  1. Those China Glaze nail polish shades look amazing!! Love the result :) x

  2. It looks amazing! I've never seen this before but love it! xx

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  3. Thank you girls :) xxx

  4. well done Lara. I'm impressed with the design. Keep up the good work

  5. This is a great design,sounds hard though! well done dear :)

  6. It's actually very simple Carla :) you just have to have some good polishes :) I will do a tutorial of the technique if you like :)