Review: Born Pretty Store 144 Swarovski flatback Rose crystal rhinestones

A few weeks ago, Kevin from contacted me again and asked me to choose another product off their site for review purposes.  This time, these Swarovski flatback rhinestones caught my eye.  From the vast range of colours, I chose the ones in Rose because they go with a vast array of colours yet I still wanted to deviate a little away from the usual silver rhinestones.

I received the rhinestones within two weeks from the date they were posted which is a good time, considering they had to come all the way from China.  They came in a simple padded envelope and were contained in this plastic sleeve.  I took them out of this plastic sleeve and put them in a small container as it is more practical to pick them to use for nail art.

The first thing I noticed about these rhinestones is the size of them... they are quite large in comparison to the usual resin rhinestones many of us are accustomed to.  In fact, they are 4mm in diameter (the other rhinestone shown next to the Swarovski one is a 2mm one).  Born Pretty also stock the same colour of Swarovski rhinestones in the 2mm diameter size as well.

The Swarovski rhinestones are also much more shiny than the resin ones and BPS claim that they are made out of genuine Austrian Crystal (the same material Swarovski jewellery is made out of).  The size of these rhinestones makes them ideal to use not only for nail art, but also for crafts like card making as well as to embellish mobile phone cases.  I have also counted these rhinestones one by one and you really get 144 of them so they are bound to last you for quite sometime.  Being Swarovski rhinestones, these retail for $7.27 for one pack and the price per pack decreases the more you buy in one order.  However, you can get the rhinestones at a 10% discount by using the code EBABK31 at checkout.

Basically, you just apply these rhinestones in the same way as you would any other rhinestones... just put on some clear nail varnish and lower the rhinestone gently over it and seal with a top coat.  You may notice that the rhinestone loses some of its colour at first but when the top coat dries, it will be its true colour again.  Also, it retains its high shine, unlike the resin ones.  Moreover, if you handle them with care when removing them, you can also re-use them!

Here's how I used the Swarovski rhinestones and you can also see what I meant by the resin rhinestones losing their shine and the Swarovski ones retaining it (bot rhinestones are pink in colour but for some reason they are showing up as silver.  The flower stamp is from BornPrettyStore M60 image plate and I used Orly Dazzle as a stamping colour):

Do you like Swarovski rhinestones better then the resin ones ladies?
3 comments on "Review: Born Pretty Store 144 Swarovski flatback Rose crystal rhinestones"
  1. Now I do! I used to think that they are the same shine-wise but I think I'll only buy the Swarovski ones in the future! Thanks for the lovely review!

  2. Glad I managed to change your mind Natalie :) they are really much more shiny than the resin ones and make a manicure look prettier and give it that extra special touch :)

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