Review: Nivea Invisible Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Deodorant

Hello loves :) I have been quite busy with work and I haven't posted a review in quite a while and seeing I have been using this deodorant for quite some time now, I thought of reviewing it for you.  Regular posting should resume as of next week as I will finally be working shift hours which will leave me more free time to myself.

I have never been a fan of roll-on deodorants as I had read somewhere that they are not good for your health in terms that they contain aluminium compounds (like all other deodorants) and since the applicator touches the skin, they increase the risks of cancers etc so I was a bit skeptical when Mum first bought it.  On the other hand, I do hate the yellow and white marks that deodorants leave on clothes so thought of giving it a go just the same.  

Let's see how this product presents itself first.  It is your basic roll-on deodorant with the ball applicator and the deodorant itself is a transparent thick liquid.  The fact that the jar is made of clear glass, enables you to see how much product you've got left and is also good for the environment as it can be recycled.  The product smells really nice and you get 50ml of it.

What I like most about this deodorant is that apart from living up to its claims of not staining clothes, it also lasts for a considerable amount of time (I wouldn't say it lasts 48 hours but it lasts me for around 12 hours or so which is is very good) and also, the fact that it doesn't sting after shaving my underarms.  The texture is quite liquid but it doesn't take long to be absorbed in your skin and it doesn't feel sticky at all.

I totally recommend this deodorant and I have already got a sample size (free with purchase) of it in spray format which keeps my mind at rest more than when using a roll-on and it still works as good as the roll-on version.

Have you ever tried any product from the Nivea Invisible range?

3 comments on "Review: Nivea Invisible Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Deodorant"
  1. I'm using this deodorant at the moment and I totally agree with you! I generally like Nivea deodorants, I have tried almost every one and this one works great. I was afraid it'd smell bad because another clear one from Nivea didn't smell good but it's actually a pleasant scent.

  2. I've only used the Pearl beauty one from their range and I love that! Might try this because of the non-staining formula I hate it when I get deodorant marks on clothes!

  3. I love Nivea deodorants. They smell super nice and make your skin soft. I've never tried the Nivea Invisible range though, I will be sure to do so soon :) xx