Review: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure Kit in Sheerly Opal

Good morning dolls :) Today I will be reviewing the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails French Manicure Kit in Sheerly Opal that my cousins got me earlier this month.  

As most of you know, Sally Hansen is a very popular brand when it comes to nail polishes and treatments, especially in the US.  I had a similar kit to this one a couple of years back but they discontinued them and now they have re-released them in a much much better formulation!  Basically, the kit consists of tip guides (which I am not a big fan of), a French white polish, a French base colour (in this case, a pink opal shade) and a UV top-coat which I got many questions about when I first posted about the kit.  All the kit contents are packaged neatly in a box that has a window on the front so you can view the French base colour.  There are also ingredients and instructions at the back as well as an illustration of how the polish will look on different skin tones.

The formulation of the polishes is very nice to work with... not too thick and not too liquid and the odour is pretty much like that of any other polish. The brush applicators are also very nice to work with and the caps are very ergonomic.  The base colour can be applied sheer or more opaque and all the polishes have a good drying time.  I really like the sheer finish and it looks perfect with lightly tanned fingers.  The tip white polish goes opaque in one coat and the formula is also pleasant to work with.

The one question I have been asked most about this kit is if there is need of a UV lamp to dry the top coat.  The answer is a simple no! The top coat dries in air just like any other regular polish and to be honest, I don't even know why it is called as such because there is no reference as to any special properties the top coat might have.  

The kit also contains some tip guides of which are both curved ones (for manicures) and straight ones (for pedicures).  I was never a big fan of tip guides myself because of how the tip polish appears when you remove them so that's why I have never used them.

My last comment on this kit would be how long the manicure lasted.  It lasted me one week before I took it off at which point I could only notice some minor tip wear.  All in all, these kits have greatly improved over the older one I had so I would now recommend them to anyone who wants a complete kit to do a French manicure at home in no time!

Have you ever tried this kit or any other Sally Hansen polishes? Do you have any recommendations? 

4 comments on "Review: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure Kit in Sheerly Opal"
  1. This looks gorgeous, I quite like Sally Hansen and it's always pretty affordable too xx

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  2. The sheer french colour is gorgeous! I'm a massive fan of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, it's such a good top caot :)


  3. Sounds good to me! Have you tried using the guides one nail at a time and removing it straight after you've painted on the tip?

  4. I have actually tried it once and it's also messy to me so I stick to painting the tips free hand :)