The Exit Interview Series: Volume #2

Crappy weather today in Malta :( luckily I just got home from my night shift around 2 hours ago.  So, this is the second installment of The Exit Interview Series and this month I have used up 2 hair products, a deodorant and my facial scrub.

I have been using up some products lately so as not to end up with a bunch of containers having only a little product in them.  The space they take up can be utilized by other, newer (!) products :P In fact, I have a few products I will try to use up by the end of this month so we'll see how that goes.

On to the products this post is actually about then!

My hair has been getting a lot hair spray and shine spray spritzes over the summer to keep frizz at bay and protect my locks from UV rays as well as help my hair hold a style for longer.  I like both of these products and will be buying replacements soon.#

Deodorant is a staple product in my getting ready for work/going out routine as it makes you feel fresh all day long and keeps you smelling good.  I always change up my deodorants but I mostly buy ones from Impulse.  This month, I used up Tease which smells kind of floral and is actually quite summery.

I have also managed to use up my facial scrub.  I think I will be buying this scrub again as I love the peachy smell of it and the granules are not at all coarse. 

So that's it for this post ladies! Do you have any products you want to use up?

2 comments on "The Exit Interview Series: Volume #2"
  1. This is a really good idea, I always end up with loads of almost empty bottles that never get used and I can't throw away. I think I will now stop buying replacements until thigns are totally finished! xx

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  2. I know what you mean. I always end up with mountains of bottles which I don't want to throw away because there's some left, but never use. I must really try to finish them off.
    I love Senscience products, they leave you hair super soft and shiny :)