Make-Up Collection {Part 1 ~ Storage Cabinet & Face Products}

Hello loves :) I thought of sharing my make-up collection with you in a series of posts where I will divide the products in different categories.  I will also link the reviews to the different products so you would know which I have already reviewed and if you would like me to review any of the non-reviewed ones (if any) or  you simply want to know if I still like the product as much as when I initially bought it or if I have changed my mind about it or anything, just leave a comment down below :) 

I will start with face products today.  You will see that I as much as I love to collect make-up, I am not much of a hoarder in this regard as I just don't get the point of having say 10 peach blushes when you only have one face lol but that's just me! So don't expect a huge collection.  Also, my make-up is mostly drugstore with the occasional high-end product or two.

Anyway, first up are some pictures of the cabinet where I store all my make-up.  The cabinet is located in my room just under a half-length mirror and I apply my make-up standing up.  Mum & Dad had bought it for me after I had been complaining that I didn't have any more space to store all my make-up.  I quite like it being white and the drawers are all very spacious especially the wicker baskets.  Mum will however take off the flowery cloths and sew some out of left-over fabric from my curtains and bed-spread so that the cabinet matches my room more.  

Here's a quick rundown of how I store all my make-up in the cabinet, starting with the smaller drawers first...
In the first one, I mainly keep face products as well as some lip products while in the one beneath it, I keep my false eyelashes and other eye products.  In the third drawer, I keep all bits and bobs I use to tie my hair as well as fancy bobby pins etc and in the last one, I keep all my taller nail polishes such as China Glaze and Orly.

In the first wicker basket, I keep my brush-roll and other loose brushes in their covers as well as the brush shampoo and daily cleaner.  The second basket, houses all my eyeshadows while the third one, holds all my perfumes and some body lotions.  In the bottom-most one, I keep my Philips hair-dryer and New Look straighteners.  

On the top of the cabinet, I keep the brushes I use on a daily basis, basic make-up products I reach for most often and my hair brushes and deodorant.

That out of the way, I will let you have a nosey into my face products collection :P

So that's all of my face products collection ladies! Do we have any common products? Do you like these kind of posts?

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  1. Thank you Jelena :) xx

  2. Love this post - your storage is beautiful!

  3. Thank you so much Bex :) xx

  4. I love the storage cabinet. So pretty!

  5. The cabinet looks so shabby chic! I love Rimmel blushes :) x

  6. Lovely collection Lara and omg your cabinet is so beautiful!! :) x

  7. I like how you have everything tidily tucked away. Looks good too :) Mine is mostly all out, not messy but I'd still prefer to have something like yours.

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments girls :) xxxx