No Nonsense Natural Grooming for Men by Montagne Jeunesse {Part 2}

Good morning ladies! Continuing from Part 1 of the review about the 5 new products for male grooming from Montage Jeunesse, here are the reviews on the last two products in the range which I tested out myself as I have been quite prone to zits lately thanks to the air conditioning at work (it dries out my skin no matter how much water I drink and to compensate, my skin produces more oil, leaving me with zits!)  Anyways, I also tried the Eye Rescue gel patches for my dark under-eye circles.

Too many late nights? Eyes are always the give away, so use our mineral rich sea algae Eye Rescue to get rid of puffiness & tell tale dark circles... (We won’t tell if you don’t!).

These eye patches are the most interesting of the bunch and I have to admit I was quite curious as to how they present themselves.  Basically, you get two light blue coloured gel patches that fit under the eye area and they are packed in a small plastic case in protective covering against each other.  They feel very moist to the touch and are very soft.  Once you peel off the protective backing, all that's left to do is just adhere them to your under-eye area and relax for 10 minutes.  To get the maximum benefits a further help de-puffing, pop these in the refrigerator before use... they double up as a refreshing treat!  To be honest I didn't notice any reduction in dark circles until the next morning, when the skin under my eyes looked more like the colour of how skin should be! However, I did notice an immediate de-puffing of the area.  The gel pads feel very refreshing and should I see them in shops locally, I would definitely stock up on some!  The main ingredients in these patches include:
1. Red Algae, to increase skin firmness and soften lines and wrinkles
2. Sea Kelp, to hydrate and oxygenate
3. Dead Sea Salt, to soothe and heal
The image below shows the gel pads in their packaging:

  • Zap Them Peel-Off
Spot of bother? No worries... our peel off mask with Ginger extracts will lift away dirt & grime for cleaner, clearer skin.  Practice your pulling power!

The smell of this masque didn't really remind of ginger but it is still fresh-smelling (maybe because it contains rosemary).  Unlike the picture on the pack, its colour is a transparent light green and it applies quite smoothly but due to its gel texture, it may feel sticky at first.  I was going to remove this mask after only a few seconds of applying it as my skin was burning! However, when I looked in the mirror, I didn't see any red patches so I decided to leave it on and remove it should the burning sensation get worse but it subsided after a couple of minutes and I'm so glad I didn't take it off!! Before peeling off the masque, (the fun part) I noticed that the mask itself tuned a bit bumpy around my nose. I soon could see why... it lifted off most blackheads from that area leaving me with clear and clean skin! My face felt really squeaky clean after using this masque and the zits have almost cleared all out now so I definitely recommend this to anyone with skin prone to breakouts!  The ginger in this mask helps tone and firm the skin's appearance while rosemary calms outbreaks to leave you with fresh and flawless skin!

So that's it ladies! Try and give these products a shot with your man and see what they have to say about them... they are bound to change their opinion about having to deep clean their skin once a week!

You can get these masks from Asda and Morrisons nation wide in the UK as well as on  The masks retail for £1.29 RRP and the eye patches for £1.99 RRP.

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