NOTW: Birthday Manicure... Fall Inspired

Good morning ladies :) As some of you may know, last Friday was my 22nd birthday but since I was on night duty, I celebrated my birthday properly on Saturday evening.  While I had some time to myself, I decided to do a more elaborate manicure for my birthday with fall colours.  I went for the ever classy French manicure and I experimented with 3D acrylic flowers.  This manicure took me like 30 minutes to do (including polish drying times).  If you're interested how you can recreate this manicure yourselves, read on for the tutorial!

1. Start with a base coat and apply a light coat of a nude polish like Essie Vanity Fairest.

2. Once dry, paint on a French tip in the colour of your choice.  I layered China Glaze Awakening over e.l.f. Rosy Raisin for a fall duochrome colour.

3. Leave to dry completely and apply some clear polish in a diagonal manner over the tip of the ring fingers.  With a dotting tool, place some ice mylar flakes in a colour that matches your tip colour over the clear polish.  Leave to dry and apply some top coat to seal in the flakes.  You can apply top coat over the other nails as well at this stage  and leave them to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

4. Shape a 5 petalled acrylic flower on the ring fingers (I had posted a tutorial on acrylic flowers here) and add some buillon beads in the middle.  Apply another three buillon beads at the side of the flower and leave everything to dry thoroughly.

5. Apply a top-coat and you're done!

7 comments on "NOTW: Birthday Manicure... Fall Inspired"
  1. This is adorable! Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Many thanks for your wishes Amber :) xx

  3. congratulations :) I turned 25 last friday :) Love the nail art!

  4. These are so so pretty! xx

  5. Thank you girls :) @Loevens, hehe so we have our birthdays on the same date :) xx congrats to you too :)

  6. ooh happy birthday, i hope you had a wonderful time celebrating! This mani is so cute, I love the 3d flower!xx

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  7. Thank you so much :) xx