NOTW: Fall Midas Gold

Hi all! I just woke up a couple of hours ago after getting home from my night duty.  The day really feels like crap today as it has rained all night/morning and we still didn't get some sunshine :( Anyways, I hope the weather is much better where you live :)  

This week, I have decided to shape my nails in a round form to see how they would look on me.  I still prefer the square shape on me but round nails don't look bad either; what do you think?  I have also been wearing autumnal colours on my nails but I still wanted my nails not to look too dark so I opted for a sheer gold base and some abstract designs with a dark brown polish.  Read on to see how you can do this design yourselves!

1. Start with a base coat and follow with two coats of a sheer gold polish.  Here I used Midas by Me Me Me.

2. Next, by means of a detailing brush and a dark brown polish, I drew abstract designs on each nail.  You can let your creativity loose here! I used e.l.f. Chocolate.

3. Finish off with a top coat and you're done!

1 comment on "NOTW: Fall Midas Gold"
  1. Wow! The base nail polish looks so unique.