October Collective Haul

Hi dolls :) I hope you're all doing well :) Time for this month's collective haul post but before I begin, I want your opinion on these haul posts:
1. Do you prefer me to do a collective haul once a month or separate haul posts throughout?
2. Would you like prices to be included?

I would really appreciate your feedback here as I am planning more posts to publish now that I have more time on my hands so I really want to know what you like to see on this blog.  In fact, if you want a review on something specific or a post on a particular topic, do let me know in the comments section and I will try my best to satisfy your requests.  Here's a hint on posts to come; more of the Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass, a new nail care series similar to the beauty masterclass, jewellery posts, etc... so if you like what you're reading, hit the follow button :) it's free!! 

Anyways, enough rambling and on to the fun part!  First up is this cute owl necklace which I bought after all the rage there has been on owls recently but I wanted something different so I went for this rhinestone decorated retro style owl for which I paid around €2 on ebay. 

Late in September, the 50th Anniversary Edition of the classic movie Breakfast At Tiffany's was released on Blu-Ray. Being a huge fan of Ms. Hepburn, I couldn't pass this up and bought myself a copy of it as well as a box-set of 5 DVDs.  I'm still on the lookout for other movies of Audrey Hepburn so I will slowly build up a collection.  The Blu-Ray cost me around €15 while the box-set was €26 something.

Going on with the Audrey Hepburn theme, Mum & Dad came across this beautiful framed picture of hers and bought it for me :)  They also gave me some money for my birthday and managed to save some of it but I bought some clothing items (pics below).

Fur and cable knit gilet, Stradivarius (€39.95)
Red flats, Peacocks (€10.50)

Over-the-knee socks, Stradivarius (€12.95 for 2 pairs)
The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Scrub (present from my brother, €12.20)
Fabric flower hair-slides, Peacocks (€5.50)

Later in October, my Dad also bought me a set of Maltese postage stamps for my collection with the theme being Maltese Natural Treasures.

Having had my first pay check as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, I went shopping a little and bought a few essentials as well as some impulse buys.  I also bought some more stuff online.  In fact, I am going to start with those.

First up is this pair of gladiators from boohoo.com which I had been eyeing ever since they went on the site and when I found out there were only size 3 left in stock (my size!!) and they were on sale for £8.00, I couldn't help but think that they were meant for me :P (P.S. There is a shoe overload in this post).

I finally got myself a black quilted cross-body bag from ebay.  It's quite spacious and perfect for dressing up or down! I got this for around €19 and I bought it with money my aunt gave me for my birthday. It also came with 4 pairs of earrings for free which was a nice surprise as they weren't mentioned in the listing :) I only kept 2 pairs as the others looked childish so I gave them to a neighbour's daughter :)

I also bought a 150g tub of divine smelling Palmer's Coconut Oil for my hair to revive it whenever it feels dry from the air conditioning at work for around €8 from ebay.  Speaking of re-hydration, I also bought a Nivea lip balm from a convenience store for €2 which makes my lips feel really soft and hydrated. P.S. I really think the packaging is quite cute :)

I needed a pair of thick-heeled shoes for my graduation thanks-giving mass later in November.  The reason why they want us to wear thick heels is because to cause no damage to the pavement of the Cathedral we will be in.  I managed to find this gorgeous pair from Peacocks for only €26.50; and while I was there, I couldn't pass up this cute girly boxer which was €4.50:

I also bought a wallet/clutch bag to match the shoes and a pair of earrings. Both of these were on sale for €6.50 and €3.25 respectively.

From Terranova, I bought three pairs of gym trousers which I need for when I work night shifts because they are much more comfortable than jeans.  These were €15.99 each.

I also bought this pair of tailored cropped trousers for €30.  I had been eyeing this sort of trousers but since I'm a shortie, I thought that they would make me look even shorter. However, these fit me perfectly and look fab with a pair of killer heels (the second picture shows the exact colour)!

I also managed to score this cute pair of flower flip-flops from Marks & Spencer which were on a 50% off sale for €12.50 and this stylish and oh-so-comfy pair of ballet flats from a massive 70% off warehouse sale from Next!

That's all for the month ladies! Quite a good haul I might say but I now have to sort out my priorities with graduation, my friend's wedding and the graduation ball coming up so I will only buy essentials now and save up for a treat later on :) In the meantime, I am still waiting for some nail polishes to be delivered but I will do a separate post for those :)

Which is your favourite item?

2 comments on "October Collective Haul"
  1. Oooh, very pretty!! I need to go shopping too but I'm thinking about trying e-shopping for clothes. I've only tried it for make up so far.
    I love all the items you got! I have The Body Shop Cocoa Butter body butter and I love the smell during winter, so yummy! The earrings were a very nice surprise! I have this Nivea lipbalm too and I think it's better than the original one, less greasy and equally moisturising!

  2. Hey Natalie :) I wish I were more confident in buying clothes on line as I am still skeptical about some styles and I would have to try the clothes on but so far I haven't been disappointed! I have bought some more clothes today actually but I will feature them in a separate post :) Oh and with regards the lip balm, I have the same thoughts! xxxx Many thanks for stopping by :)