Review: Essence Cosmetics Top-Coats

Good afternoon lovelies :) I hope you're all well after the weekend :) Today, I have a review that is long overdue and now I have finally found some time to do it before I rest a little prior to heading out for night shift!

So I was looking for an alternative top-coat to try as I am always on the look-out for a new top-coat to see if it performs better than the previous one I had and I really wanted to try the Essence Better than Gel Nails Top Coat but sadly, I haven't yet seen it here in Malta.  Anyways, I still went on to buy an Essence top-coat and while I was at the pharmacy, I spotted three different ones and seeing they are really affordable, I decided to get one of each.  

The bottles are all pretty much the same; transparent and hold 8ml of product and the caps are all white.  As you can see from the picture, I got the High Shine Top Coat, the Quick Dry Top Coat and the Glitter Top Coat.  The High Shine top coat was €2.11 whilst the other two were priced €2.41.

All these apply really nicely as the consistency is neither too thick, nor too watery and the brush is a good size to work with.

The High Shine and the Quick Dry top coats are just regular transparent, glossy top coats but the difference between them is that the former dries really quick while the other one isn't quick drying at all!  It takes ages for it to dry during which time, it is very easy to smudge your nail polish.  So as not to let it go to waste, I use it to adhere rhinestones and nail decorations as only a small amount is needed.  However, I will definitely not re-purchase this again.  On the other hand, the High Shine top coat is my favourite and I use it constantly to extend the life of my manicure and give it that extra shine.  I will definitely buy this top-coat again and I totally recommend it to anyone who wants a good top coat but doesn't want to break the bank!

The Glitter top coat is also a favourite of mine and I use it whenever I want to add that extra sparkle to my manicure and also when I want to give my manicure some dimension.  The reason why I like this top coat so much, apart from the fact that it dries quickly and helps my manicure stay chip-free for a whole week, is that it is very easy to remove! Since the glitter in it is quite fine, it doesn't stick to the cotton pad and make a mess like other glitter polishes do and I always apply two coats of this to achieve an extra sparkly effect.

That's all I have to say on these top coats ladies and I especially recommend the High Shine and the Glitter Top Coats.  As for the non Quick Dry one, I'd say save your pennies lol.

Have you ever tried any of these top coats or any other Essence nail polishes ladies? Which are your favourites?

2 comments on "Review: Essence Cosmetics Top-Coats"
  1. I recently bought the High Shine topcoat too. It was on sale because apperently it's going to be discontinued. I like how shiny the polish looks afterwards. But compared to Better than Gel Nails Top sealer, I had tip wear way to early. Like the next day already. :/ Well, I love my BTGN top sealer :D If you get the chance, you should definitely get it!

  2. Why would they want to discontinue such a good product??? ;( I'd rather they discontinue the 'quick dry' one or at least improve the formulation. Thanks for the heads up though :) I most definitely will get the BTGN top coat!