Review: Montagne Jeunesse Hot Chocolate Sauna Masque

This week is National Chocolate Week (10th - 16th October) in the UK and while we all know that chocolate is the yummy comfort food a lot of people revert to when feeling down or simply when we need a boost in our moods, we also know that unfortunately, it can expand our waistlines :(

Today, thanks to Montagne Jeunesse, we can enjoy chocolate without the guilt with their Hot Chocolate Sauna Masque!  I was asked to review this chocolatey masque and being a chocoholic, I jumped at the occasion!  In fact, I have just taken the mask off my face my skin feels as smooth as ever and smells so yummy lol!  The fact that this mask, (like all other products in the MJ range) is not tested on animals and is made out of natural ingredients, makes it all more worthwhile to use! It is also suitable for vegetarians. 

Let me get started on this rave review then!  First, off the packaging, which as usual, manages to convey the right image of the product.  You get 15g of product so you can use the mask more than once.  The smell instantly takes you to chocolate heaven and the citrussy, orange touch conveys a feeling of freshness... the perfect at-home spa feeling!

The texture of this mask is very smooth indeed and feels like spreading some luxurious Belgian chocolate-orange on your face!  It instantly heats up on contact with the skin to open up pores and deep clean your face.  In fact, my skin looks brighter and cleaner after rinsing off the mask and it feels very smooth!  The main ingredients in this mask contribute to one healthy treat! Have a look at this; dark melted chocolate banishes impurities with its powerful anti-oxidants, while Mediterranean Clay gets rid of dirt and oils from deep within the pores. Zesty Orange Oil bursting with Vitamin C will leave skin feeling revitalised and refreshed. And that’s not all! Cocoa butter soothes and nourishes while the Vanilla protects against free radicals.

Speaking of rinsing this mask off, since it is quite rich in texture and dark in colour, it takes some more time to take it all off.  However, the fact that it doesn't dry, makes it easier to take off.

All in all, this is one of the best chocolate based masks from Montagne Jeunesse and I already have another sachet of it in my skin care drawer to make sure I don't run out of it any time soon! I recommend this mask to anyone who wants a deep clean, chocoholics who want to enjoy chocolate without the guilt and everyone else who loves a good cruelty-free and natural face mask!

Residents in the UK can get MJ products from Asda, Morrisons and online at  My Maltese readers can get these face masques from New Look and some supermarkets across the island.

How will you celebrate National Chocolate Week?

6 comments on "Review: Montagne Jeunesse Hot Chocolate Sauna Masque"
  1. I told my boyfriend that as it was National Chocolate Week, he should go down to the shops and buy me loads of it - it didn't work :(

    Great review, will have to try this for myself!

  2. lol good one Bex :) for it doesn't have to be Choc week to eat loads of choccy :P

  3. Hmmm this looks yummy!

  4. National Chocolate Week?? This sounds so cool, I want it in Greece too! lol! Thanks for reviewing these masks, I've tried a couple of thems and love them so far (not to mention I want to eat them!). I just saw that they have an Amazon shop for international orders, yay!! Chocolate Gift Pack, you will be mine! :D

  5. Thanks for pointing out the Amazon shop Natalie! We do get a fair selection of their products in Malta but some don't even reach the island so it's good to know I can get them online as well :)

  6. My housemate jsut tried this one, and ee've just attacked the lad we live with, with one of these facemasks xD check it out!