The Exit Interview Series: Volume #3

Along with this month's favourites, here are the products I managed to use up:

Lycia Make-Up Remover wipes are my go-to make-up wipes that never broke me out or irritate my eye area like most other wipes do.  I buy a bak-up of them each time I am half-way through the packet I would be using!

La Roche Posay Effaclar M moisturiser this is my first bottle of this moisturizer and it has lasted me 4 months! I have already bought a back-up of it because I love the instant matt look it gives my complexion and it keeps me shine free almost all day!

Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Make-up Remover was being given for free with the Nivea cleanser I used that time so I decided to give it a go.  Although it removes make-up easily, I won't be buying this again as the Lycia wipes do the job just the same. I will keep the bottle and fill it with my own make-up remover (olive oil & bottled water) for days when I wear more make-up.

e.l.f. Eyelid Primer is seriously the best eye primer ever! It keeps my eyeshadow on all day/night and costs only €1.70! I had bought a back-up earlier this year which I only opened last week because this product lasted me a whole year and a half! How great is that?

I have more products which I want to use up so expect to see another post like this next month!  

Hope you are all geared up for Christmas!

1 comment on "The Exit Interview Series: Volume #3"
  1. Have to agree with you the primer is amazing for the price. Not much at all difference to the mineral line one, or the urban decay. x