Monthly Favurites: November 2011

Time for monthly favourites again ladies! This month I have some new products and some re-discoveries so there is quite a good mix :) I have still been using the same foundations/primers and face brushes as last month so there is nothing new there and I don't see the point of showing you the same products from month to month so let me get started with the other new products I have been favouring most this month.

Skin, Body & Nail Care
First up is a new skin care product.  I have talked to my beautician about spots that I have been getting ever since I started work and she advised me on trying out this enzymatic gommage from Gatineau which is targeted especially for young skins.  She gave me a sample of it and after a few applications, I could definitely see a difference in the way my skin looked... much brighter and more refined! Best thing is it didn't break me out and spots seemed to clear up after just a few uses.  I still continue to use my Effaclar cleanser and moisturizer just the same since they are not to blame for the spots but I have to make some more changes to my skin care routine yet again so stay tuned for an upcoming post dealing only with skin care.

With regards nail and body care, I also have some new products, namely, M&S White Apricot & Almond Hand & Nail Cream, The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Scrub, Seacret Cuticle Oil & Buffing Block.  All of these products have been featuring regularly in my body care so I thought of including them in this month's favourites.  In fact, I like the hand cream so much, I will buy another one to put in my nail tech kit to use on my clients :)

Make-up (lip & eye products)
We all know red is THE colour this season, from bright pillar box shades to the deeper burgundy and berry hues, it is a must this winter.  In fact, I have been totally obsessed with berry shades this month and as a consequence I have been loving dark lips very much and as scared as I am of dark lipsticks, I think that they look good on me and so these have been my favourite lip products this month.  Also, my favourite brush to apply lipstick with, has come to be the e.l.f. Mineral Lip Brush.

Last but least, I have also been loving dark eye make-up lately and my favourite eyeshadows have been e.l.f. Studio Single Eyeshadow in Raspberry Truffle and e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadows in Socialite and Caffeinated.

What were your favourites this month ladies?

5 comments on "Monthly Favurites: November 2011"
  1. The single eyeshadow color looks lovely!

    I was in need of a new foundation, but my local drug store doesn't have Revlon, Maybelline etc so I bought a foundation by Deborah. I thought it was going to suck, but actually I'm really liking it. And it smells so good.

  2. That coconut body scrub looks YUM!

  3. @Gertrude: Deborah is a good brand so the foundation should be ok :) I do have some products from them and I quite like them actually :)

    @Gaby: it smells delicious and does the job of getting rid of dead skin leaving me with smooth skin all over!

  4. Lovely review...
    Your new follower from, hope you follow me too :)

  5. I really like the colour of raspberry truffle too :)