More shopping...

Hello ladies! Almost middle of the week already! :) So, after I had published the October Collective Haul post, I had to go out shopping again, this time for a dress for my graduation ball this December but I didn't find anything I like yet. I hate how long ball gowns look on someone short like me so I am looking for a shorter dress but nothing has caught my eye yet.

Somehow, I still managed to buy my first coat this year! It's from New Look and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! I just love everything about it... the colour, the cut, the buttons, how cosy it feels and how it fits me!  Moreover, it was marked as €54.99 but I got it for 10% off as they were giving out a promotional voucher and even though it was supposed to be used with your next purchase, the sales girl was sweet enough to let me use it just the same :)

I also got this turquoise polo neck of which I love the colour and the detailing on the sleeves and at the back.  This was originally €9.99 but I got it at 10% off as well! Lastly, from Terranova, I bought this floral polo neck which ties with a pussy bow at the neck for only €9.99!

In the October haul, I mentioned that I  was waiting for a few nail polishes to be delivered and I finally got Traffic Jam from China Glaze's Metro Collection for Fall 2011!  It is a nice berry shade which I can see myself wearing a lot this season! 

I will be looking for my ball dress later this week I guess on my next day off... let's hope it is a successful trip so I can get that out of the way as well!

7 comments on "More shopping..."
  1. You have some lovely bits here, I especially love the coat- a real bargain with the 10% off! xx

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  2. I'm really short as well and I bought a floor-length dress (which is way too long, but I'm going to take it for alterations). I guess you should try on some floor-length dresses. I really wanted one like that because I don't think I'd have an other opportunity where such dress is appropriate hehe :)

  3. The thing is I don't have any other occasions to wear a floor-length gown to Gertrude and I am after a dress that I can wear to other occasions as well so I really want one that I like the style of lol

  4. I have a polo neck like that, really different! I have a tattoo which shows right through the gap at the back :)

    Hope you find a gown soon!

  5. that's cool! i hope so too!

  6. The nail polish looks really nice!

  7. Indeed it is Sandra! I'd say it is a must-have shade for Fall/Winter!