Nail-mail, new shoes and new spectacles!

Good morning ladies :) I originally planned on doing an elf haul post today but sadly the postie didn't get me my order yet :( so I figured I'd do a haul of other things I got lately.  I have also placed another order as elf are running another promotion right now where you get a mystery gift worth over £10 with orders over £10/€12 (more on offers in a later post today) so I had to get a little something more! I figured I will do a haul of both orders at one go when I receive them :)

First, I want to start with two nail polishes I got and some pink, glittery acrylic powder:

Pink acrylic powder
China Glaze Ring in the Red from the Let It Snow Holiday 2011 Collection
Essie Very Structured from the Fall 2011 Collection

Ring In The Red in a lovely red jelly base packed with large hexagonal glitters and smaller square glitters.  It dries to a matte finish.  I have also ordered Snow Globe from the same collection as well as the much sought-after For Audrey but I'm still waiting for them to be delivered.

Essie's Very Structured is a rich dark tan creme which is very in right now so it will be one of my fave colours this season for sure!  The polishes were between €4 and €5 each.

I also got a pot of pink acrylic to do 3D flowers and nail art with.  I quite like the one I got because it is glittery as well and gives the designs a more girly feel :) I have also bought a 3D mold but I'm still waiting for that as well.  In the meantime, here's a picture which is true to the actual colour:

And yes, I got another pair of shoes :P I couldn't resist them as they were on sale for €20.50 from Peacocks and I had been wanting a pair of leopard print heels for quite some time.  I have promised myself that the only pairs of shoes I will buy till the end of the year are one for my graduation ball (for which I have finally found the perfect dress!), one for our village festa and a pair of Nine West heels that I have had my eyes on ever since I first saw them :)

Lastly, these are my new glasses:

I had my vision corrected by a few more degrees and I ordered a pair of glasses from  They only came to around €30 shipping included and delivery didn't take long so I was quite satisfied in that regard.  They also come with a protective case and lens wipe.  However, when I tried them on, I wasn't so sure if they'd look good on me at first as this is my first full-rim pair but now that I have been wearing them for the past week, I am more comfortable in them.

So that's it for this post ladies :) Stay tuned for some great offers I will be sharing with you in the next post!

6 comments on "Nail-mail, new shoes and new spectacles!"
  1. LOVE the shoes! I'm a big animal print fan and these are just perfect! xx

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  2. Thank you hun :) I am a huge fan of animal print too and that's the reason why I wanted a pair so much!

  3. I love the glitters in Ring In The Red! I have an acrylic set for french manicure with white, pink and clear powder but I almost never use it so I was thinking about 3D molds. They are cheap and look easy and fun. Let me know if you like them :D

  4. Thank you Jelena & Natalie :) Yes I sure will hun :) I will post a tutorial on how to use them too :) On ebay, I found some for just £0.99! so they're quite affordable!