NOTW: Flowers in a raspberry Traffic Jam

Good morning ladies :) How has your week been? Mine has been quite good but I still have to settle some things which are work-related so I'm a bit more busy than usual even on my off days.  Also, I have been updating my nail art portfolio with new designs and this morning I will be buying new colour gels for my clients to choose from after I get some rest from my night duty.  I am also in the process of printing my first ever business cards after a lot of changing of layout and deciding how I want them to look.  

Being busy, I'm opting for quick nail art designs so I sometimes revert back to stamping like I did this week and I also had an excuse to try one of my latest China Glaze purchases... Traffic Jam!  This is such a beautiful colour I really don't want to take it off! It's a pinky purple creme that goes totally opaque with just two thin coats!

I then stamped it with GCOCL Special Stamping Polish in White and added pink glitter accents with a striper polish:

2 comments on "NOTW: Flowers in a raspberry Traffic Jam"
  1. This colour is absolutely beautiful! Listen, do you have a website or anything with like a list of the things you do and prices? I'd be really interested in knowing more! xxx

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  2. Hi there! I do have a facebook page if you would like to have a look at it :) here's the link... xxxx