November Collective Haul

Hello lovelies :) Here's what my bank balance was ungrateful for this month :P

Let's start with something boring this time; I bought some contacts for all my up coming graduation ceremonies over November and December.  It's not my first time wearing contacts but I reserve them for special occasions only.  These were €18.

I also bought some 1940s inspired back seamed tights which are very in at the moment.  This pair was €4.50 and I have also ordered another one off ebay today.

Obviously, a collective haul from me is bound to have something nail related :P This time I bought another two China Glaze polishes, For Audrey (which I bought for obvious reasons) and Snow Globe from the Holiday 2011 Collection (they cost around €4 each).  I'm very fond of them both and I can see myself wearing them a lot :) Here are some pictures:

For Audrey in natural light (left) & with flash (right)

Snow Globe in natural light (left) & with flash (right)

Also nail related is this flower mold which I got from ebay for less than a €1! I have a tutorial coming up on how to use these molds:

I also bought this book about Audrey Hepburn which is written by her first born son, Sean.  It contains over 300 photographs of this wonderful woman and it is a must-have for any fan of hers! I bought mine online on the for €13.

The other day. Mum was shopping at the supermarket and there was an offer going with some sanitary towels and she scored a free Max Factor lipstick worth €10. She chose the shade 710 Midnight Plum:

She also bought me this train case which will come in handy when I need to visit clients for their nail appointments as I can carry nail polishes and nail art supplies in style! Also, she bought me this long top when I was shopping with her yesterday.  I fell in love with the soft material, the colour and the bows on the top and she bought it for me :)

Last but surely not the least, here is a pair of earrings that Johan bought me. I saw these and thought they were cute but I have to prioritize my spending these couple of months so I figured I'd buy them another time; but he went back and got them for me :)

I am waiting for some stuff to be delivered in the coming weeks but overall, I really didn't spend much this month as I had to prioritize with my graduation celebration and Christmas coming up :)

What did you buy this month?

7 comments on "November Collective Haul"
  1. I have that Audrey Hepburn book & it's amazing! Great choice! Love all the other purchases too xo

  2. I have already flipped through the book like a million times and I can never get enough of it!

  3. Those earrings look very special :) what a lovely gift! I've used those contacts before, now I have the monthly disposable ones but they last longer as I don't wear them every day.

    For Audrey looks so different in each of those shots you've taken. Do you know if its anything like ELF teal or mint cream?

  4. Actually it is more like Mint Cream than Teal. However, For Audrey has a tinge of blue in it so it is not an exact dupe to Mint Cream. I will put up a swatch comparison post so you can see them better :)

  5. from where do you buy china glaze nail polish? thanks

  6. Hi Kim :) I buy China Glaze off ebay from these two sellers: enchantedbeautyspot & beautyzone2007 :) they are the cheapest ones on ebay inc delivery to Malta