Review: Born Pretty Store GCOCL Special Stamping Polish Set

Hello my lovelies :) I have another product review from Born Pretty Store today! As you can tell from the title of this post, I will be reviewing a stamping polish set which was kindly sent to me for review purposes.  As usual, Kevin let me choose which products I wanted to review and I chose this set of 7 stamping polishes just to see whether they gave different results to normal polishes with the stamping plates.

Shipping took a little longer than usual maybe because in China they had a week of holidays in October but usually, I get orders from Born Pretty in no more than 3 weeks.  Shipping is free worldwide and there is no minimum order limit to benefit from such an offer!

Packaging wise, I quite like how the polishes come in this box where you can safely store them in between uses.  Also, when I got these, there were no signs of damage to the box as it was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and also, none of the bottles were broken.

In total, you get 7 polishes; 6 of which are colours and 1 is a clear top coat.  The consistency of these polishes is quite thick compared to regular nail polishes and it is not advisable to use them on bare nails.  The colours are basic colours which you can mix together to create totally new shades for your stamping nail art.  It doesn't say how much product you get but the bottles are quite filled up, I'd say somewhere between 7ml and 10ml per bottle.  Furthermore, the colours are very bright indeed and they are good value for money as one set costs $10.80 (which works out to approximately $1.54 pre bottle).

I compared the white stamping polish with a regular white nail polish to see which one gives the best result out of the two.  Both polishes seem to give just as good a result but the regular nail polish dries much quicker than the stamping polish.

White Stamping Polish
Regular White Nail Polish

And this is a manicure in which I used the white stamping polish:

The brush is a standard size nail polish brush and the handle is just the right length for it to be ergonomic enough to work with.  After using these polishes, the stamping equipment is very easy to clean with just some polish remover and they won't leave traces behind. I thought that because these polishes are of the GCOCL brand, they would work better with the GCOCL plates but I tried them with other plates and they work just as brillaintly!
Here are some bonus pictures of stamping designs on paper with the different colours vs regular nail polishes:

Overall, I really like these stamping polishes and I will use them whenever I can as this will help me save on nail polishes as stamping can contribute to polish waste.  The only things which can be improved is the clear top cat because it tends to smudge the designs and the black one can be a bit more thick so designs come out better.

Have you ever tried stamping polishes? If you want to get this particular set, don't forget to quote the code EBABK31 at checkout for a 10% discount (shipping is always free and there is no minimum order value to avail yourselves of the discount!)

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