Review: Born Pretty Store Striping Polish

Hello ladies :) I have another polish review for you today and this time, I will be reviewing this striping polish which Kevin from Born Pretty Store, has kindly sent me.  This is my first time reviewing nail polishes from Born Pretty Store so I was quite excited to receive the package.  In fact, I thought it was lost when 4 weeks had elapsed and there was no sign of it but it made it safely to my doorstep... better late than never!  However, here I have to mention that usually, packages from Born Pretty Store arrive within 2 - 3 weeks and shipping is free worldwide!  Moreover, the contents of the envelope were safely wrapped in a flexible jablo-like wrap and taped so no damage was incurred during shipping.  Furthermore, when I notified Kevin that the package could have been lost, he immediately agreed to send another one my way if it didn't turn up within the 4th week!

Back to the polish! Packaging-wise, the polish looks pretty much like most striping polishes and the bottle holds 10ml of sparkly polish (the one I chose is pink and you can find it here).  There are other colours from which to choose so you will definitely find something to suit your tastes! The brush is actually very nice to work with as it is a very good length to create stripes and other sorts of nail art and the handle is very ergonomic and provides a good grip.  I also like how the brush comes to a point as you can create pointy, defined lines easily.

The texture of the polish is more watery than a striper would normally be and I actually think this is a good point as it will last longer in the bottle and it will not thicken after only a few uses.  It does dry quickly on the nails though so that is definitely another plus!

Moreover, the glitter does not feel gritty especially after applying a top coat but as you would expect from any glitter polish, it can be a little of a pain to remove (on me, the polish lasted for a week until I took it off).

The pay-off with this striper is quite good in my opinion as you can see from the photos below where I created different designs with it and each time, I only applied one stroke of it!

The best thing about this striper polish is that it is available in different colours and formulations and retails for only $1.60 per bottle (the price goes down per bottle the more you buy)!

Here are some nail art designs in which I used this striper polish:

Have you ever tried any polishes from Born Pretty? If you would like to get some for yourself, go on and place an order and during this time, while they are celebrating their anniversary, new customers who register an account get 100 BPS points which you can use to save money! (there are more ways to earn these points, details about which can be found on the website itself).  Furthermore, if you would like 10% off your order, use the code EBABK31 until 31st December 2011 and if more than 20 orders cite the code, BPS will sponsor a giveaway for you all on this blog!

2 comments on "Review: Born Pretty Store Striping Polish"
  1. RYN: Don't worry about raspberry truffle eyeshadow that one is lovely! I wore it for my wedding day :P x

  2. I got it yesterday Misha and I just love it!!!!