Review: Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm

Hello my lovelies :) I have an awesome product to share with you all today! It is my newest lip balm from Nivea which has really come in handy these last few days to protect my lips from the wind and cold in general. I did get chapped lips for like a week but they were easily soothed thanks to this lip balm!

Let's get started on the review by taking a look at the packaging...

It is your standard stick lip balm (my preferred packaging as it is much more sanitary than those tins in which you have to put your fingers to get the product out) with a light blue cap.  I think the design on the cap looks cute (might do a nail art design with it soon).  You get 4.8g of product and although the lip balm is white when you twist it up, is goes on clear.  Also, it is supplied in a blister pack but I didn't take a picture of that.

I like how it goes on smoothly on the lips and hydrates them without that greasy feeling.  The size of the product makes it ideal for on the go applications as it will fit even in the smallest of clutch bags! Moreover, I have had other Nivea lip balms in the past and they last a very long time even with me re-applying every minute lol!

I bought mine for €2 something so it really doesn't break the bank and does it's job!

Have you ever tried this lip balm or any other Nivea lip balms for that matter?

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  1. I love nivea lipbalms. I previously had one and i recieved one as part of a prize. check it out at