December Collective Haul

This month, was unsurprisingly all about buying presents for others rather than buying stuff for myself and it was also a relatively busy month with regards work and social activities so I really didn't have that much time to shop anyways. Let me get this small haul going!

First up are the articles I got from ebay...

I picked up a pair of these Pamela Mann tights as I really like subtle embellishments on hosiery and bows add a cute touch to any outfit!  These were around £8.  I also got a bottle of Witch Hazel skin toner (around €5) as I read that it is a very good astringent and helps prevent spreading of germs on your face and hence decrease the chance of zits developing; it also mops up excess oil without drying the skin (always rinse it off with water after use). Lastly, while I browsing ebay for something else, I came across this cute pleat front dress and seeing it was only £29, I bought it as well.

Pamela Mann bow hosiery

Witch Hazel Skin Toner

Blush, pleat front dress

Next up are some gifts I received for my graduation in the beginning of the month...

A dear friend of mine gave this cute Esprit make-up purse :) I really love the polka dot pattern and the cutesy bow on it :) I have also received a few frames and my aunt gave me some money with which I bought a pair of shoes for the graduation ball :) I also had to buy mask for the ball and I opted for a feather one from Accessorize which was priced at €5.50.

Mum & Dad also bought me a Chamilia Flex Bangle as a present! I cannot wait to start putting charms that mark special milestones in my life on it (maybe I get the Graduation Hat as my first one! who knows :P)

Lastly, I bought a new set of Shampoo & Conditioner from Joico.  I have used some of Mum's set and I totally loved the results so I bought the Added Moisture set for me. Now I just have to use them and see the results!  The hairdresser is giving a bottle of Eugene Perma nail polish again with every colour treatment and Mum got me the last one I needed in my collection, a nice, clean nude pink.

That's it for this month ladies! I will be doing a separate Christmas pressies post later next week :)

3 comments on "December Collective Haul"
  1. The dress is gorgeous :-)

  2. you look great! and i love your dress.. it looks so chic! x