NOTW: Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Happy Christmas cupcakes!! I hope you all enjoyed spending time with family and friends today :) I know I did (pressies post coming soon)!! Just wanted to share some pics of the manicure I wore today and a quick tutorial on how you can do the design yourselves :)

I wanted to do a snowflake design for ages now and while I had some free time this week, I opted to do one.  Yet I deviated away from the traditional blue hues associated with snowflake designs and instead opted for a warm red.  Let's get started on the tutorial:

1. Prep nails with a base coat and a coat of a nude pink polish (I like to do this every time I am going to paint my nails in a dark colour to avoid staining as much as possible).

2. Apply two or three coats of a red glitter polish over the entire nails.  I used China Glaze Ring In The Red which needed 3 coats for maximum opacity.

3. For the snowflake design, start by sponging some silver foil polish (Orly Dazzle) over the very tips of your ring fingernails.  Then add some extra sparkle with just a touch of China Glaze Snowglobe over the silver polish only.

4a. Diluted some white acrylic paint with water to draw the actual snowflakes (diluting the paint ensures you can do fine, detailed nail art better).  Start by drawing a diagonal cross and then draw another vertical line passing through the centre of the diagonals.

4b. Draw little triangle-like shapes in between the big lines as shown in the pictures.  Finish your snowflake by drawing little arrows on alternating lines.  You may opt to finish your design now but I added a little star towards the bottom of the nails and also a few dots to give the illusion of snow.

5. Apply a glossy top coat and you're done! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial :) Sincere and warm wishes for a Merry Christmas to all of you and your respective families! xxx

2 comments on "NOTW: Merry Christmas Everyone!!"
  1. Hi Lara! Happy Xmas to you too :) I love the Nail art design, its so beautiful and gets you in the christmas spirit!

  2. Thank you for your wishes Daniela :) same to you! Glad you like the design :) xx