Review: Travalo Perfume Atomizer

Good morning ladies! I just had to share this great little invention with you all! I will be sharing with you an accessory that has been in my clutch bags throughout all the Graduation celebrations and will be there for many more to come!

I am talking of none other than Travalo Perfume Atomizer!  I have heard of this gadget before and when I saw Natalie's post where she shared that bloggers could get a free sample, I jumped at the chance and in less than 24 hours, I was contacted to review Travalo Excel! Furthermore, shipping was very quick as I received mine in just three days and it came packaged very well!

Travalo Excel is the latest addition to the range and the difference between Travalo Excel and Travalo Classic is that the former delivers up to 65 sprays while the latter is capable of 50 sprays.

Let's have a look at the packaging first.  Travalo Excel comes in a cute case and I am a big fan of the design on the bottom part of this case.  Mine is the Perfect Pink one but there are 10 different colours available to suit all tastes! The carry case also protects Travalo from scratches when carrying it around in handbags, gym bags etc.  If you have more than one Travalo, you can also see which one you want thanks to clear top of the case.

The case also contains a small insert with simple instructions on how to fill up your Travalo!

Let me point out a few more advantages of this little accessory:

~ Your favourite fragrance is travel-sized in an instant so don't have to carry bulky perfume bottles and risk breaking them
~ Travalo is aircraft approved
~ It is made out of 98% recyclable materials
~ No funnels, no spills!
~ It has no dangerous glass parts
~ Suitable for both men and women and for various occasions such as parties, holidays, the gym and the great outdoors!
~ Travalo is just over 8.6cm in length and only weighs 20g!
~ Travalo comes with a No-Quibble performance guarantee for the operational lifetime of the product, which is about 10 years, or 10,000 operations.

Now, let's see some photos and a little video of how to refill your Travalo the simple way:

1. Get your favourite fragrance and Travalo

2. Travalo is easy to fill up ~ Just remove the spray head off your big perfume bottle and hook Travalo (with lid still on) over it and simply pump up and down!

3. Ta-dah!! Your favourite perfume is now travel-sized!

What I like about Travalo is the spray nozzle which delivers an even mist of the perfume and also, the little window as it permits you to see how much perfume is left. The last thing I would like to pint out is that the lid won't come off on its own in your purse as it fits tightly yet easy to remove just by pulling it gently.

Overall, I think this is an ideal Holiday gift idea and you can also win one yourself on the Travalo Facebook page where they run a ‘Daily Spray’ every day, which gives all those who ‘like’ the page a chance to win a free Travalo - every day!!

For further information or to buy Travalo, visit the Travalo website on

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  1. Amazing review hun! I'm so happy you like it! <3