Review: Viva La Nails Rhinestones

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on the third blogger and YouTuber sample pack from Viva La Nails.  This time, we got to sample 9 colours of circular rhinestones while only paying the £2.95 shipping fee (rhinestones retail for £1.95 per pot)!

Shipping was actually very fast and I have received them within 3 days of placing my order.  They were supplied in little plastic bags with a VLN sticker attached but usually they are supplied in pots.  I got a nice mix of colours and I put them in rhinestone wheels as they are more practical to use that way.

For each colour, you get 4 sizes of rhinestones as shown in the photo below:

That is actually good so can choose which size you require depending on the nail art you want to create.  The rhinestones are pretty much standard round rhinestones and on me they lasted until I took them off a week later so they are good quality as well.  Here's a manicure in which I used three sizes of rhinestones:

Have you ever bought nail art supplies from Viva La Nails? If you live in the UK, you also qualify for free shipping if you buy over £25!

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