The Exit Interview Series: Volume #4

For the fourth installment of the Exit Interview Series , I have four products :P I was clearing out my make-up and I have found two products which I have completely used up and two others which I didn't use up but I don't use anymore.  All of the products are from e.l.f. cosmetics.

First up is the Dual Pencil Sharpener.  I only used this sharpener once and it ruined the pencil I sharpened!!! I put it at the back of one of my drawers and I never used it again so I'm gonna throw it away.  I only kept the other sharpener which comes with it and the small picking tool that was supplied to remove any left over product from the blade. 

The next product is the e.l.f. Therapeutic Lip Balm in Vanilla Creme from their essential line.  When I first got this, I liked it, if anything for the vanilla scent.  However, I have stopped using it as whenever I put it on, it would burn my lips and it leaves a white residue on my lips which is not a good look. I will not re-purchase this for sure.  So much so that I have put it at the back of my lip products drawer and when I took it out today, there is 98% product left.  Furthermore, the sides seem to have dried up.

The next two products, I have already bought back-ups for and that can only mean one thing... I love these products and I cannot ever be caught without them!

e.l.f.'s Mineral Booster really has proven to be the best setting powder from the brand as I use it to set my foundation and I also wear it alone to give my skin a nice even finish.  I first bought the smaller version of the Sheer one (shown) but as soon as it was nearing the end, I bought the larger size of it and I will also be getting the Tinted version! As much as I love e.l.f.'s Studio Complexion Perfection, I'm afraid that the Mineral Booster has taken it's place! I will be keeping the container minus the sifter so that I can store another product for travel purposes.

The last product that I have used up is the Tinted Moisturizer in Rosy Beige from their regular line.  I mostly use this in summer whenever my skin needs some help with coverage.  This product has lasted me for a year and like I said I have already bought a back-up just in case e.l.f. are out of stock when I need it :P

That's it for this post ladies! Have you tried any of these products? Would you consider any of them?

6 comments on "The Exit Interview Series: Volume #4"
  1. I did not care much for the regular line lip balms either. They did not really hydrate my lips and felt really greasy. I have tried the tinted moisturiser and it's quite nice, but I do tend to go for a little more coverage. I will have to try the mineral booster, everybody seems to love it.

  2. hi lara, great post! i love the elf mineral booster as well. Got the bareminerals mineral veil instead but i really don't like it as it doesn't set my make-up that well & it's too shimmery for my liking xx

  3. Hi Lara,
    I just discovered your blog from Melbourne, Australia and I like it a lot! I have never used ELF products, but after reading about your favourite products I might give them a try.
    Happy New Year!

  4. @Loevens, the mineral booster really is a must-have from elf so I definitely say you try it!

    @Amanda, I think it is safe for me to say it has become my HG setting powder!

    @beastandbeauty, thank you so much for your compliment :) Happy New Year to you too :) xx

  5. I love this idea for a series!