First Collective Haul of the Year!

I can't believe January is out in a flash! It feels just like yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Year! I have been a naughty girl this month with regards shopping but hey it's sales month :P In this post, I will be showing you purchases I made online while you can have a look at my first sale picks here. So, let me start with some nail art related stuff...

I placed my first ever order on earlier this month and my order was here within a week (read my experience here).  Being my first order it was quite small and I decided to get some nail foils as I couldn't find any on ebay.  I ended gettin two nail foils, Black Lace and Fuchsia Fantasy as well as a foil adhesive and nail art sealer.  Since I spent more than £10, I qualified for free shipping and the I also got the nail adhesive for 20% less because of my choice of nail foils!

More nail art stuff... I got a display rack to show off al my colour gels at my home salon.  I think it looks nicer than the nail wheels which I will still keep in my kit for when I have to go to a client myself and I also purchased a compact storage box so that I can organize my rhinestones in it rather than carrying a whole load of wheels with me and it also saves on space.

Finally, I also got a carbide bit for my nail drill and an Orly Top 2 Bottom Top & Base Coat in One.  All of this was from ebay.

From ebay as well, I also got Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser as my maternal granny used to swear by it and she had flawless skin and very little wrinkles even at 87! So I'll try it out and see how it will work on me :)  My last purchase from ebay are these two hair sectioning clips which will come in handy when I'm straightening my hair now that it is quite long.

I have bought some other things which I haven't yet received amongst which are some exciting purchases but more on those next month ;p what did you splurge on this month ladies? Link me your posts in the comments section, I'd love to check them out :)

2 comments on "First Collective Haul of the Year!"
  1. Anonymous29/1/12 06:13

    Lara, love your posts, they make me homesick for Malta. I miss the islands so much...Think I may have to visit again soon. Love the Nail Display...much nicer than colour wheels.

    Did you hear about my beauty blog swap? We have 32 bloggers involved from all around the world. Would love you to sign up and take part!

    1. So you're Maltese?? :D I know about your swap but the thing us that postage fees are quite expensive here in Malta and I would like it if they weren't as with the same money, I would be able to send more products to the person instead of wasting them on postage