Review: Born Pretty Store Nail Art Practice/Display Stand

I was feeling inspired to do some nail art designs for my nail art portfolio the other day and I had the perfect excuse to try out this practice stand from Born Pretty Store! As soon as I saw it on their website, I immediately thought on how convenient it would be to practice nail art on a larger surface rather than on a simple nail wheel.  So, it goes without saying that when I was given another opportunity to review another product for Born Pretty Store, I jumped at the chance of giving this a go!

The Nail Art Practice/Display Stand comes in box and you have to assemble it yourself which is really no big deal. There are instructions on the back of the box and they are very easy to follow and you will complete the stand in next to no time! Here are some more photos to help you:

The stand parts as they are supplied

Fit part A into part B as shown in the picture on the right and then fit part C to close them together.
You will end up with individual blocks like the one below:


Fit the individual units into each other like a jigsaw and you will get this circular stand.
Alternatively, you can keep the part where all part B's where held together and use the stand horizontally.  I prefer to use it as a circle.

Lastly, attach the small snowflake shape in the middle of the circular stand to hold it all together!

As you can see, the stand is very easy to assemble and although it is made out of a hardish foam, it feels very sturdy and also comes with 40 small pieces of double-sided tape so you can affix the nail tips to the stand and have a steady base on which to work.  In the picture on the right, you can see a piece of double sided tape in the middle of the false nail.  These double sided tape pieces can be used only once but once you use them up, you can still use more double sided tape or blu-tack to work with.  I was worried that the foam would rip off once I pulled the nail from the stand but that didn't happen so this further proves the stand is made out of good quality material!

I'm really pleased I got this stand to practice my nail art on as it is very ergonomic and with me being OCD that I keep everything clean, I find it is next to impossible to mess it up with nail polish.  Here's the stand put to good use:

Also, as the name implies, you can also use the stand to display your nail art work on so that clients can see it!  A final word on this product would be the retail price... $3.38! Pretty affordable isn't it? And with shipping being free for anywhere in the world without a minimum order amount, it is even more affordable!

What do you think of this product ladies? Would you consider giving it a go?

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4 comments on "Review: Born Pretty Store Nail Art Practice/Display Stand"
  1. I've seen this but haven't purchased. Not sure how it would be much different to doing designs on false nails standing on blue tack really. Great price though :D

    1. Actually the fact that you have a larger and more steady base does it for me. I can work on 5 nails at a time :)

  2. Anonymous19/1/12 04:12

    Looks for too complicated for me!

    I am having a make me an offer blog sale at the moment, pop over, say hi and score yourself a bargain!

    M x

    1. In reality it is not too complicated :) I will check out the blog sale :) Thanks for the heads up!