February Collective Haul {Part 1 ~ Clothing & Accessories}

As promised, here is Part 1 of this month's collective haul, featuring clothes and accessories! I bought all of these items today except for the trainers, the jade dress and the ebay earrings.

First up are my new shoes... 5 pairs to be exact :P I needed a pair of trainers for work and I managed to find a pair that I like from Sketchers for half the price (€25).  

Moving on, today I went shopping just for the sake of retail therapy after having a horrible night shift last night and I picked up a pair of loafers from Peacocks for €20.50 and then, at Stradivarius, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a selection of shoes in my size for only €4.99 per pair and cheeky little me picked up three :P

Next, I also bought some clothing items from Peacocks and Stradivarius.  The blazer was almost €40 but I got it at a 5% discount with my BigBon card and the discount was also applied on the mint green denim trousers which were originally €25 something.  

The striped top is from Peacocks and it was €10.50 which is pretty good I guess and I also got this nice red skater dress for €26.90, down from €37.  The jade green skater dress is from boohoo and I got it for €20.

Lastly, here are three pairs of earrings out of which the Eiffel Tower (€1.40) and the Chanel replica ones (€3.23) are from ebay and the nautical inspired ones are from Peacocks (€5.50)

So that's it for Part 1 ladies :) Part 2, i.e. cosmetics will be up tomorrow :) 

2 comments on "February Collective Haul {Part 1 ~ Clothing & Accessories}"
  1. Nice haul, I love the earrings and shoes. :-)