Review: Born Pretty Store 32 Pieces Nail Art / Polish Display Stand

One problem that I share with most (if not all) nail art and nail polish enthusiasts, is how am I going to keep track of all the polishes/colour gels/nail art samples that I have.  I do have colour wheels and a nail art portfolio to carry with me when I am doing a client's nails at their own place but I still wanted something that is a nice and inexpensive way to show off my colour gels when I have a client at my home salon so as I was browsing the Born Pretty Store website, I came across this 32 Pieces Nail Art / Polish Display Stand which is a genius idea and it fit my requirements neatly.

It arrived within two weeks which is fantastic and it came nicely packed with bubble wrap and none of it was broken.  The stand and the nail tips are made out of a clear plastic but it still feels sturdy and strong.  The nail tips also come packaged in a separate bubble wrap bag to protect them during transit.

I like how the tips are positioned sort of like stairs in the stand as that way, all 32 designs/colours can be easily seen.  Furthermore, you can take them out effortlessly for clients/friends to see the designs better.  I personally am using mine to display all my colour gels and I also found it really helpful to write the names of the colours onto the sticks for easier identification... something which I cannot do on the colour wheels. The tips are quite big so they are ideal for more elaborate nail art and that way, clients can choose the design from the ones on display instead of you having to explain everything from your mind.

The stand is quite small so it won't occupy a lot of space on your working table and besides, it makes a nice and colourful decoration too! Here is a picture of the stand in my home salon:

Also, I am a little OCD about having everything in perfect condition so whenever I buy new colour gels, I like to organize them by colour and this stand is much better than colour wheels in that regard as well as I can just shift the other colours accordingly.

All in all, I recommend this stand to all nail art enthusiasts/nail polish collectors/nail technicians as it is a very handy tool to have around.  Each stand can be bought from Born Pretty Store for $10.87 (shipping is free world-wide), and you can get yours at 10% off if you quote the code EBABK31 at checkout!

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  1. I have one of these too and I love it. Think I need to buy another one now as I have lot more than 32 polishes now.

    I got my mine from ebay for less than 3 euros (inc postage :

    If that helps any :)

    Elle xx