Review: e.l.f. Studio Translucent Matifying Powder

It's a nice sunny day here in Malta and I really wish Johan was on leave lol so we could enjoy the day outside but since I'm at home, I thought of posting about a new favourite product from e.l.f. cosmetics which I have been using very frequently since I got it.  

You can tell from the title of this post that I'm going to review their Studio Translucent Matifying Powder so let me start by immediately showing you what the product looks like.  It comes supplied in a black carton box typical of the Studio line while the product itself comes in a nice, sturdy, professional-looking case with a nicely- sized mirror and a soft, sponge applicator. 

Being so compact, the product is very handy to carry around in your purse and since it closes tightly, you won't have any issues with it opening and mess all your purse up.  Furthermore, the sponge and the mirror make it ideal for on-the-go touch ups.

The actual powder is a very fine, light pink-toned matifying translucent powder that it melts into the skin (so much so that I can't even swatch it!) to keep shine at bay so it is most suitable for people with oily skins but it can always be used as a light weight setting powder with any skin tone.  In fact, I like to use it for work most when I just apply a little concealer over the areas that need it and then set everything with this powder.  Doing so, I find my skin stays oil free for a maximum of four hours and then I just take the sponge applicator and dab a little more product to freshen up my look during the day.  One thing to note here is that the sponge contains latex so you may want to refrain from using it if you're allergic to the ingredient but the powder itself is latex-free. 

I have washed the sponge several times and it has stayed as good as new and there are no signs of wear on it.  It does take some time to dry though so you may want to wash it well in advance before using it.  The product hasn't broke me out and I really like it's silky formula.  The only down-side I can think of with this product is that it only comes in the shade Translucent which although it melts into the skin, it may be a little bit too light for darker skin tones.  Also, I have seen reviews where people complained on the amount you get, as they say 3.8g is too little. Personally, 3.8g is enough for me as I only dab the powder on my t-zone area and under my eyes to set my under-eye concealer.

The Studio Translucent Matifying Powder can be purchased from the elf cosmetics website and it retails for €4.00/£3.50.

4 comments on "Review: e.l.f. Studio Translucent Matifying Powder"
  1. I was thinking of trying this, I think you convinced me now, nice review. :-)

  2. Thanks for the great review hun, I have wanted to try this but I wasn't sure. :)

  3. I love this powder too, the only downside is I hit pan on it after about 3 weeks of use. Granted it is very cheap though so I shouldn't complain too much!

  4. Glad I convinced you girls! You'll like it for sure!