Tag: 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty

I have seen this tag over at Enigmatic Rambles and I thought it was much more fun that the usual tags which I have to agree with the writer of Enigmatic Rambles, I never know what to say in them! So here goes with this tag post!

GREED What is your most expensive beauty item? What is your most inexpensive beauty item?

This one is easy! My most expensive has to be my Givenchy Rouge Interdit Lipstick in Illicit Raspberry which I got as Christmas gift from Mum & Dad (it will soon be joined by a Chanel lipstick too). My most inexpensive beauty item, on the other hand have to be some of the Essence Colour & Go nail polishes which cost €1.41 a pop from a particular pharmacy... can't really beat that can you?

WRATH What beauty product do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product was the hardest to get?

I think it has got to be any bronzer in general, in fact I only have the Studio Warm Bronzer from elf cosmetics.  While I like how I can use it to contour my face, I prefer to use it in summer when I'm tanned rather than during winter as I think it looks harsh against my pale skin.  Hardest product to get was without any doubt my Maybelline Water Shine Lipstick in Beige Glace.  Maybelline had changed it's name and I couldn't find it anywhere and when I looked for it online, it was quite expensive.  When I totally gave up on it, I was browsing the Maybelline stand in a supermarket and there was just one lipstick left in this shade... I grabbed it faster than you can say Maybellne lol.

GLUTTONY What is your most delicious beauty product?

Got loads of these ranging from shower gels to lip glosses! But if I had to pick just one product, it would be Essence 24h Hand Protection Balm in Vanilla Apple Pie.

SLOTH What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

Not exactly due to laziness but most of the time, I forget to apply a make-up fixer before I head out.

PRIDE What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?

Definitely red lipstick!! More specifically my Givenchy one. Red lipstick exudes glamour and class (when worn flawlessly) and I feel there is no problem in this world a woman can't tackle with the help of a red lippy!

LUST What product did you lust after the longest before buying it? AND What are your favorite attributes in the opposite sex?

It's gotta be one of the Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks which I will be buying next Saturday as I get my next pay check :D  Favourite attributes in the opposite sex would be personality and broad shoulders, which my hunny is blessed with both ;)

ENVY What beauty product would you most like to receive as a gift?

Anything signed Chanel/Givenchy is a winner with me... I won't complain!

I tag anyone who wants to do this fun tag! Link them back to me as I would love to your responses!

4 comments on "Tag: 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty"
  1. Don't go to franks for the rouge allure go to charles grech in valleta if you can as they're cheaper there :)

    1. I'm actually going to Charles Grech Carla :) thanks for the info though :)

  2. definitely doing this tag! It's fun :)

    1. looking forward to your response Lara!