The Exit Interview Series: Volume #7

This month I've been on a roll with Spring cleaning my make-up/skin care/beauty products and while I have thrown away some bits and bobs (namely tween magazine freebies I've never used) I have been trying really hard to use other products which have been occupying space for ages.  I have also sorted out samples so I can use them as well.  I have also been concentrating on my Project-Ten-Pan products too so there is also an update on that further down.  But first, here are the products I have used up and general thoughts on them:

First of all, I have already re-purchased back-ups for all of these products so you can already tell that I love them.  The only one I didn't buy a back-up of is the Spiced Vanilla Body Scrub because I have purchased the Cocoa Butter one instead and this is only available during Christmas time. My skin feels so soft after using The Body Shop Scrubs and they never fail to impress me. Also, considering that I exfoliate twice a week, these last a long time too! The Montagne Jeunesse masques need no introduction and I just can't get enough of them! Seriously, I always look out for new ones to try but I am always faithful to my favourites such as the Green Tea Peel Off which helps me control zits. Robert's Rose Water is another favourite of mine and I like to use it as a toner to refresh my skin.  Lastly, Impulse deodorants are my faves because the fragrance lasts a long time and they have some nice smells too!

Project-Ten-Pan Update

Out of the products I have chosen for the Project-Ten-Pan, I have mostly been using the Rimmel Mineral Foundation, the Technic eye pencil, the e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black and the mascara.  The mascara and the pencil are nearing the end now so it shouldn't be long before I use them up. I am also using the perfume and the Body Shop lip balm for everyday but till now I haven't seen much difference in volume. I hope that next month I would have finished some of these products and after that, I will be working on shampoos/conditioners/body lotions/shower gels and the likes.

2 comments on "The Exit Interview Series: Volume #7"
  1. Finishing products feels great! :D
    Weird thing I've never used a body scrub, I always use this loofah-exfoliating-thing with my shower gel. Should I try body scrubs?

    1. It sure does Natalie! I use a loofah too but I still feel the need to exfoliate deeply sometimes so I always have a body scrub or two :)