Review: Born Pretty Store 2pcs Black Twisted Hair Pins

Hair twist ups have intrigued me ever since I started seeing them pop up on other beauty blogs and YouTube.  I have very fine hair and I struggle to make it hold a simple bun updo without using every single kirby grip I can get my hands on, so when Born Pretty Store (which is not only an online nail art store) have given me the chance to review their hair twist ups, I jumped at the chance to see how they work and if they could keep my hair in check for the longest time without the need for a ton of kirby grips.  

Although these twisted hair pins are sold as a pair, they arrived packaged individually in separate plastic sleeve with pictorial instructions that aren't very clear but they are indeed very simple to use. So far the only colour available is black but I don't have a problem with that as they will be disguised in your hair.  However, if you are blonde, you might want to look somewhere else for other colours.

These are basically ten kirby grips in one! All you have to do is twist your hair up in a bun and to hold it in place, you just need to hold one of these at an angle, twisting around like a corkscrew as it locks the hair in place. One on each side of the bun will do the trick, keeping hair in the perfect style and secure as long as you need. For me, since I have fine hair, hair spray will always lend me a helping hand but I only use a small amount. If you want a casual up do these little gadgets are fantastic - I've been wearing my hair in a bun for work as well as whenever I have to head out in a hurry. You don't get the tight, tugging feeling you sometimes get with hair bands or buns, because it's actually really loose.  What's more? It only takes less than 2 minutes and you're good to go!  They are also quite small (5cm long x 1cm wide) so they fit comfortably and you can always take them with you in your purse to change your hairstyle on the go!

These Twist-Ups retail for $1.53 on and shipping is free worldwide!

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2 comments on "Review: Born Pretty Store 2pcs Black Twisted Hair Pins"
  1. I have these and love them, so handy to have!

    1. Indeed they are! They'll come in handy this summer!