Review: Essence 24h Hand Protection Balm in Vanilla Apple Pie (Winter Edition)

Today I have a rave review of a product I have been using ever since I got it and as much as I am trying my best to revert to other hand creams I have just to make it last for as long as possible, I can't seem to stop taking whiffs out of it and consequently end up applying it... I'm talking about none other than the Essence 24h Hand Protection Balm in Vanilla Apple Pie (Winter Edition).

Now I am an avid hand cream user and over the last couple of years I have accumulated quite a few so I know my good ones and the bad ones.  This falls under the 'good' category.  I first heard of this product from Denise of All Things Fabulous Blog and when I went to Tony's Pharmacy last month I saw the last tube of this product and since I'm a sucker for everything vanilla, I grabbed faster than I could say Essence... and I'm so glad I did!!

The divine-smelling cream comes in a 75ml tube with a nice, warm 'illustration' of the product's scent.  The cream itself is white and has a rather thick consistency and a little will go a long way.  It doesn't leave a greasy residue when only a small amount is used but if you use a little too much, it is bound to take more time to be absorbed into your skin.  Controlling how much product you put out shouldn't be a problem though because of the actual packaging.

Being small, this hand cream is ideal to take with you out and about and personally, I always carry it around in my lab coat when I am at work to moisturise my hands and leave them smelling good after taking off the not-so-nice-smelling latex gloves. 

The only thing I am disappointed about with this product is the fact that it is a Winter Edition and I'm not sure if Essence will re-release it next winter so if I manage to catch sight of another one, I'll be sure to pick it up fast!  Needless to say, I totally recommend this product and the best part is that I bought it for only €1.50!!

So that was my two cents on this product. Have you ever tried it?

2 comments on "Review: Essence 24h Hand Protection Balm in Vanilla Apple Pie (Winter Edition)"
  1. This one sounds lovely! Much better than smelling of latex, even after washing my hands that smell lingers! Great price too :)

    1. So true! No matter how much I wash my hands the smell lingers... until I apply this baby!