Review: Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss in 05 I Like Cotton Candy

A while back I purchased some more stuff from Essence Cosmetics, amongst which is this lipgloss.  Till then I had never tried any 'make-up' products from Essence apart from nail polishes and their Stay Natural concealer which is my HG concealer. 

This lipgloss was on my wishlist after seeing it on other blogs so it goes without saying that I grabbed it as soon as I saw it on the display stand.  There were also a few other colours but they didn't really appeal to me as they were either too light or too Barbie pinkish so I skipped them.

The packaging of this lipgloss is nothing special but it feels nice and sleek and sturdy so I have no issues with that.  The applicator on the other hand is one I have never seen like before... looks like a cute little dumbbell shape and I actually like it as you can apply the product with the tip and still get a precise application of the product.

The texture of the gloss is quite nice and very pigmented as well and it is in no way sticky.  In fact, I mostly like to wear this lipgloss alone even when I want a bright lip as it really stands out.  As for lasting time, this gloss lasts around two hours on me before it wears off completely so I'd say that's pretty good! The smell of this gloss is really true to its name as it does remind me of cotton candy, so much so that it tastes good as well! (yepp I'm guilty of licking my lips when I have a sweet-smelling product on).

The price is probably the best about this lipgloss... €2.61 for 4ml!! I would definitely repurchase this gloss and maybe a few other nice shades from the range as well. I recommend this product to all beauty junkies out there and ladies who prefer lipgloss over lipstick as I think this really ticks all the good boxes!

Do you have any favourite lipglosses from Essence?

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